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[Comments] (3) Along with the new year: This was Lily's first day in Primary. I look at her now and can't believe how old she is looking. When we got home from our trip my brother, sisters, and mom have all commented on how she has grown and looks taller in just the couple weeks we were gone. I think so too. She really picked up a thing or two from her older cousin Kate who taught her some "big girl" things. She is into Barbies, babies, and princesses more than ever.

On the way to church I told Lily that she looks adorable. Her eyes got wide and said "I am? A-dora-ble, huh?" Then she paused to think and she asked, "What's Gunnar?" I said he was adorable too and she replied, "No, he's ah-diego-able." She may be into new things but I think her favorite will always be Dora.


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