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[Comments] (4) So cute I could just eat: Ahh, my little mama's boy. I cannot gush enough about how aDoRAble gunnar is turning out to be. He is such a sweet boy, and yet independent and strong. Next month he will be 2! and I am in denial that I could have a 4 yr old and 2 yr old. It is awesome, especially since I know I can enjoy this stage and give all my attention to Lily and Gunnar for awhile.

Gunnar is talking tons now. My favorites right now is he will always say "ah bus-ssss" whenever he sees a bus, and he will say it as I leave to walk Lily up to the bus stop. He is usually eating lunch in his highchair watching "ah show...E-I-O". Everyday it is the same routine. We walk into the house after coming home from the gym- ("gym!!" is another he loves to exclaim when we drive into the parking lot) and he says "ah, show" and I ask which one and he says "E-I-O" every time. He is very into the Baby Einstein's like Lily was. It is ok for me to put on any one of them, because I think EIO just mean Baby Einstein.

He is getting assertive though, he insists "down" whenever I get him out of the car so he can walk. He is getting better with the rule of holding my hand. He no longer wants to sit in his highchair so I put him in his booster seat when i can't get him into the highchair. He refuses both when he is just wanting a "snack". Oh well. He swings on his belly by himself, and goes up and down the slide on his own as well. That was his favorite thing at Disney World, was this park that had huge slides. We had to drag him out of there. That and pushing the stroller. He was obsessed. It was so annoying because he was running into everything and everyone. And going s l o w.

It is funny whenever we go to my mom's house, right when we pull into the driveway he already launches into his orders for Rocky the boxer- "sit doggy, sit" as he waves his hand up and down. The boy is nuts about taking pills. If he sees me taking my vitamins, he always wants one. I have these soft gel ones that I give him but today I didn't feel like getting those out so when he saw me with the hard ones I just handed him one of those. I knew he wouldn't finish it so what could it hurt? He started chewing on it and then said "spicy" haha. I think a better term is bitter, but good job bud! I have never heard him use it before even though we have told him what things were spicy at the dinner table. He loves sauces and whenever we have ranch or lemon juice or Tabasco on the table for dinner, no matter what he will whine and point until we pour some on his plate including the Tabasco. He likes it kinda, he usually says "hot", but will eat it anyway. He is my good little eater.

The sweetest things he says is "I ruv u" at bedtime and he gives me huge hugs so tight he usually grunts and then a kiss and then he dives for his bed. He won't sleep without his blankey and there is a giraffe stitched on the corner and he will find it and hold it and look at it while he sucks him thumb to go to sleep. I like when he says "please" and "i sorry" as he rubs his hands around his belly. Too cute. When he gets mad at Lily he says "no ah dun nuh" whatever that means. He calls her "sissy" but if you ask him to say Lily he will say "Yeeye". We were looking for Aaron at Disney and I told him to say where are you. He goes "Er r eu". I kept making him say it because it was too cute. And he was saying "Mic Mouse" and "Dumbo" the whole time we were there. And when we were eating a late dinner at Ihop and he was starving I was walking around with him to calm him and he kept leaning towards people's tables saying "uh bite, uh bite, num num, uh bite" and doing the food sign. Poor guy was famished. I felt so bad.

I could go on and on about all the cute things he says like "my house" and points to his chest or "hands" and he will show me his hands, or outside, or eyes and mouth and he points to my eyes and mouth and pinches my cheeks "eecks", but I better start putting away my laundry before I know it Gunnar's awake and Lily is off the bus.

Update: There were so many things, I forgot to mention some of my other favorites. Gunnar often will gesture me to the door or point and say "uh mon" meaning "come on" when he wants to leave or do something. He also says "tank too" (thank you). He has very good manners. And in the car he tries to sing along to Wheels on the Bus, his favorite song..."all uhh uhh TOWN". Ok, I'll shut up about my kid already...for now.


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