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[Comments] (6) Height of procrastination: in essay form as Aaron likes to call it: While living in Utah it was a big hassle to register my car in TX because I wasn't living there, and also the title was still in my dad's name. I had to get a signed letter stating that he was allowing me to register the car even though it was my name on the insurance policy it was under, blah blah blah. Such a hassle.

So when I moved to TX, did I go into the office and turn in a title transfer form and get it all cleared up? No, I waited another 3 years to go through that hassle some more just because I am a masochist. It wasn't until this year that I made myself do it because I knew we were moving the next time around and it would be even worse.

Well, just like that case I have proved once again that I will put off inconvenience so long that I only change when it is either do or die. This time around it is the remote on the key less entry on my car. When Lily was a baby, letting her play with my keys was something I would give into when I was desperate to distract her. It always worked. She loved them (kids always love the real thing) and with everything else she put them in her mouth. To this day Lily still puts things in her mouth, just not as much. She is very oral like her dad. Aaron remembers going through the junk drawer growing up to look for something to suck on. Coins, rusty nails, you know, whatever. So Lily finally managed to ruin the remote and the spare remote. Yeah, I'm not very bright giving her another chance with the other one. What can I say, it was desperation.

These things broke like before I was even pregnant with Gunnar and he is turning 2 next month. SO, I finally call up the Mazda dealership and order another one and make an appt to go in and have it programed to my car. The part was $40 and the "labor"-yeah right, was over $40 and altogether cost me less than $90 and a relatively painless hour and a half of time. Half an hour of driving each way and about 20 minutes of waiting. All this is NOTHING compared to the extreme inconvenience of not having a remote. Picture this, anytime I had to lock the car in order to unlock it I would have to use the key (annoying when you have a kid on your hip and a purse on the other shoulder) and then I would immediately have to start the car in order to deactivate the car alarm. It only gave me about 20 seconds before the alarm would start blaring, while still holding said child and child then wanting to play with steering wheel and angrily screaming when pried away and taken to the car seat. This happened EVERY time I had to get in my car to start it. And getting the kids out of the car and locking it is almost as bad. I would first get Lily out and then get Gunnar and then go back to the driver's side of the car open my door again because by this time Lily has closed it, and lock the car from the switch inside. Such a hassle I know.

Why I waited this long I have no good answer for. This is just the sort of thing I do to inflict pain and torture on myself. I don't even want you to feel sorry for me because I deserve what I got. Almost 3 years of this vicious cycle. Alas, it's over now. It's nice to finally have a deadline on when we are going to move because it has lit a fire under me to get all these nuisances taken care of.

On another note, we found out that Aaron's Commissioned Officer Training is going to be June 30-July 31. I guess that means we are going to have to move in June. At least we can spend 4th of July in DC which I hear the fireworks outside the White House are awesome. Too bad Aaron won't be there with us. :( I am going to miss him for that whole month.


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