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[Comments] (2) 21st century digital (girl): I am really glad I was born when I was. Although I think I would have made I fine pioneer woman I don't think I could have lasted in a day where you only bathed once a month...or even week. Aaron says I have overactive olfactories. Smells really bug me. I don't think I would have enjoyed sleeping in a bed with my husband who probably had to sweat all day for a living, and got the sheets all stinky. I don't think I could stand the smell of myself for that matter, or the sticky feeling and greasy hair look.

What is awesome about living in the 21st century is that I can put a bag of dried beans in the crock pot and go to bed and wallah! I have beans that are already cooked in the crock pot for the chili I am making that day. I don't even have to dirty another pot, it's cheaper than canned beans, and I didn't have to do a dang thing except think about it the night before and add water. Plus a double bonus-I got to do my favorite thing: multi task. Sleep and prep dinner for the next day--you see how I think? It's sick sometimes really.

You know what else is awesome, is loading the dishwasher, turning it on at night and when you wake, you have a dishwasher full of clean dishes. I've gone years without a dishwasher and they are worth every penny. I really want to get this thing my friend Nicole has. She was telling me about the iRobot Roomba. She goes to bed or work and comes home to a house that is all vacuumed. This would be so great except I would have to have the family room clear of toys and clutter that just may not happen every night.

The one thing you cannot enjoy getting done in your sleep is laundry which is a shame. I hate that you can't throw in a load in the washer right before bed because it doesn't put itself in the dryer and we all know what happens to clothes left in the washer overnight. They come out smelling like mildew and if you dry them on top of that, you smell mildew all day long because the mildew smell was baked into those fibers, and you can't mask or hide the smell until you wash it again. Or is that my weird sense of smell thing again? Oh well, at least I don't have to wash clothes down by the river.


Posted by Susie at Mon Nov 03 2008 19:32

You probably wouldn't have have sheets for your husband to sweat on.

Posted by Joe Walch at Thu Nov 13 2008 06:29

If you think we have it good right now, just wait until they start integrating computers into our clothes and build cars that drive themselves (James Walker, as you know is working on that one currently), unlimited power from fission reactions, and threads the size of a human hair that are strong enough to lift an 18 wheeler into the air (carbon nanotubes). You ain't seen nothing yet.

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