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[Comments] (5) [Trackback URL for this entry] Time Out For Women: Per Betina's request I am writing a review of Time Out For Women that I attended about 2 weeks ago. With Halloween and stuff I am just now getting around to this. Verdict- If there is one in your area, you should go. You will especially have a good time if you spend the night in a hotel with 3 other girlfriends staying up late eating junk food and talking.

I really loved TOFW. I was a little skeptical of it, so that is why I passed when it came to SA 2 years ago. I thought it was commercialized religion, and I didn't want to have to pay money to see Sheri Dew speak when I can watch her for free in General Conf. Well, not anymore, but I used to. My heart was softened when all I heard was positive things about it from my friends that attended. So I decided that if it were coming to town again, I would go.

Even though this month was such a busy month I am glad I went. They had a Friday night program, so we thought it would be easier for us to get a hotel room and stay downtown so we could make it to the 8:30am part on time without too much hassle.

So Nancy, Cari, Ashley, and I stayed at a La Quinta and had some fun girl time. We also got to go to Chili's for lunch during the break. I just love my friends here. I am very afraid of moving and not having the support system that I am so spoiled with here. Did I mention I have the best friends ever? Because I do.

I would have to say that I loved Micheal McLean's portion on Friday night. I've heard his songs a million times, but I still loved it. Hilary Weeks was not really my style of music, but her personality was great. I liked a few of her more candid songs. All the talks were exquisite, and I even ached to hold my kids and give them 'tight hugs'. I know, me miss my kids on my day off? Crazy, but not as crazy as the feeling of wanting more, which I haven't felt since Gunnar was born. I mean I know I want more children, but I just haven't felt the desire to start thinking about it anytime soon. But the seed was planted and it's nice to know those feelings exist, they are just buried beneath loads of laundry, sinks full of dishes, soap scum on showers to scrub, and a daddy that would love more than anything to not have to take one more school credit the rest of his life. I married a freshman and we are so ready for school to be over.

It really was a great spiritual recharge, which being in nursery (physical and mental depletion--I've decided our ward has too many 2 yr old boys) and having Gunnar in sacrament meeting, who likes to wander around playing with other people's stuff and protests very loud if you have a problem with that, I'd say I haven't really gotten much "church" in a few months. I loved feeling the spirit so strong and I loved prioritizing my life again.

It must sound like I am always ragging on my kids, though they never know because I say it all behind their backs. Someone once told me as I was admitting that I probably write too many negative things about motherhood/my kids in my blog- "that's ok, there are other motherhood blogs I can go to for the positive stuff." Uh, er, ouch...or thanks, hmm, I don't know how to take that. I think she was trying to say, there is a place for both, I guess, it just came out bad. I love my kids to death, and have a great time with them and basically my life is centered on clothing, feeding, bathing, loving, and spending time with them. I wouldn't want to do anything else, but there is a daily grind and I am not the best at putting a smile on when everything I do gets undone and I have to complete a task over and over and over again. "Brush Lily's teeth? It doesn't have to be done everyday. Plus between Aaron and my dental genetics, she will never have a cavity in her life."

I like to be a homebody with them and hang out, and I enjoy life based on the fact that they accompany me through it. (Aaron too of course.) But Disney World would not have been fun for me alone. The fun was watching them enjoy themselves. That gave me immense pleasure and joy. I don't plan, pack, and prepare a camping trip just for myself. It's a lot of work, but I do it because I love giving my children opportunities to explore and discover. Sure I like a sunset, or a nice walk, but I love it when I experience it with my family. It's like watching a comedy by yourself. It's funny, you grin, but you don't laugh out loud unless you are with someone. There is a connection that takes your life to a higher level.

My point is, I love my babies, I wouldn't want to be married to anyone else but Aaron, and still life can be hard. But there is a way to find lasting joy amongst frustrations and pain, and The Way is the Savior Jesus Christ.


Posted by Hailey at Wed Nov 05 2008 14:33

You go, girl. Also, I can't believe someone said that about your blog--personally, I love your writing because it's straightforward and insightful and funny! I'm a fan!

Posted by Jenni at Wed Nov 05 2008 16:52

I knew you'd like TOFW if you went! I've always left feeling so uplifted...a good "time out" for mommys!!! Glad you guys had fun!!!

Posted by Louise at Fri Nov 07 2008 20:58

I don't visit crummy nearly as often as I should, but I'm glad I did today. This entry really made me happy.

Posted by Betina at Mon Nov 10 2008 20:41

I may give it a try next time it comes to my neck of the woods.


Being in nursery is a brave thing to do. If I ever get called there I may question my testimony and leave for a bit. j/k...sort of.

Posted by Joe Walch at Thu Nov 13 2008 08:30

I was going to sat that Louise also really enjoyed it. I guess she reads more often than me.

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