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[Comments] (3) Disaster Strikes: Note to self: Don't go camping when a cold front blows in. We've done it in the cold before, and that we can handle, but WIND...that is a different story. Our tent almost blew away more times that we can count and it really did blow away once. A tent pole broke because the wind was so bad, and a camping chair blew in the fire, subsequently catching on FIRE, and then while trying to put out that fire, the grass caught on fire. Just a little. Louise's jacket was briefly on fire after Aaron did a Dennis the Menace on his marshmallow and tried to put them out by flinging them back and forth and one flew off and landed on Louise's fleece while on fire. It was hilarious, only because no one was hurt, except Aaron's finger because he grabbed the flaming marshmallow off her jacket.

The worst collateral damage was Gunnar's blanky blew in the fire. Argh! Which is part of the reason why he slept so horribly, causing me to sleep even worse. When he has his blanky in hand, in goes the thumb and he knows it is time to sleep. Without the blanket he wanted to play or cry at his discretion. "Wah! The tent in blowing in on us. Hehehe! I am going to smack mommy's face with a flip flop." Plus our air mattress deflated after about an hour of laying on it. Come to find out the valve wasn't closed. I was sleeping between a rock and a heavy boy. Gunnar woke up a couple hours later, mad at the world, so instead of making everyone hear his crying I took him to the car and he slept in my arms. I couldn't recline the chair because the backseat was folded down, so I sat there trying to sleep, but mainly watching the sun rise biding my time. I think I got maybe 2 hours of sleep-not consecutive, or deep. At least in the car it wasn't windy and we didn't have to listen to the tent flapping back and forth. That is what freaked Gunnar out the most was the noise. He kept saying "Gooooo. Uh Go Back. Back. Uh Home. Back Home." Sorry bud.

It's funny because right when we arrived it was warm and I had shorts on and it was nice. Then when the sun set, the north wind came in and the cold front moved in. The campfire was fun though, and I invented a new version of smores that are so good. You do the normal thing except instead of a Hersery's bar, you put a Dove caramel filled square on. They were very tasty.

Everyone got up pretty early, a little after the sun rose, and the guys hurried and made breakfast and we cleaned up after eating. It's sad the party ended early, but it was just too dang windy-cold wind. I think everyone was about gone by 10:00ish. The best thing about camping is the clean-up. Not. Between the mother daughter where Lily threw up in her sleeping bag and I had to sleep with a beach towel the rest of the night hearing people talking and babies crying and this trip where in the total amount of sleep was about 5 hours, I think we are done camping until next spring. I love being out in nature, but it is a lot of work.

It was funny, when we put the fire out Friday night, Lily was like "Ohhh, now we aren't camping anymore." Too funny. Lily LOVES camping, and this is why I go through all the trouble of it. It's nice family time to be outdoors and make good memories. Or sometimes bad ones. It's like pregnancy. You always forget how bad it is and so you do it again. But we have had some pretty successful trips too so we can't write it off. It will get easier the older the kids get.


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