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[No comments] [Trackback URL for this entry] Tis the season: Yesterday, we celebrated Thanksgiving at Mo Ranch again. A Taylor tradition. It was pretty fun this time, not having to worry too much about the kids. They are getting to a good age. Gunnar actually turns 2 on Sunday, and he is a pretty busy little boy who loves to make me laugh, even though I am not really laughing when he runs away from me, he just thinks I am laughing because he finds it so funny. I am seriously so glad for him being in our family. He is the little goof ball. I can't stay mad at him long because he is so snuggly and squishy.

So we got there by 11 and had "Thanksgiving dinner". It was so nice not having to cook anything or clean it up. So much easier. And my kids were such great eaters and tried everything on their plate. Tonight my mom is making the traditional Thanksgiving meal for the family so we don't miss out on her amazing cooking. I really am in awe of how my mom can whip up a dinner, anytime, for large crowds and not even look like she is trying. I mean, she does it all and makes it look easy. Maybe because she has done it so much and is used to feeding swarms of people.

After the meal we took a walk along the grounds. Mo Ranch is in the hill country and it is beautiful up there. We took the kids in a canoe ride and Gunnar loved being in the "boat" and "wah-wee". After some chillin with the fam we headed home for naps. I went out with my mom and sisters/inlaw/step and we watched a chick flick that turned out to be more like a comedy. Can you guess which one? Twilight. I had low expectations for the flim so I wasn't disappointed. It got great belly laughs from it, especially from the part where Edward throws himself off of Bella and said "I don't know if I can have any self control around you." Lame-o, but it was fine. I wanted to see it and I did.

We went to IHOP for dinner because that was the only thing open. Love, love, love girl time. Thanks to Aaron for watching the kids and Joe for supplying video game entertainment until the wee hours of the morning because I left the house in the wee hours of the morning to go shopping at the outlet mall. We got there right before they opened at midnight. I got some Christmas shopping done, and let's face it, my own shopping done as well. Don't get me anything Aaron! I am a huge grouch when I am tired, but I was able to snuff it out for the most part when the crowds were awful. Gap's line was wrapped around the whole store, and I didn't get it because they didn't even have that much cute stuff in there. Whatever. The biggest line I waited in was A'Gaci, but it was worth it because I love that store, and I got a pea coat for $18 and peep toe heels for $3.00. That is nothing compared to the madness at Children's Place. They had nothing for Lily but all the shorts for Gunnar were $1.60. And they are sturdy cargo shorts with pockets in the butt, not like the ones that have no pockets anywhere. Hello? I'll take one in every color please. I don't know how they make money off that. (Sorry Jenni, the sweaters you bought for your boys when you were here were only $8, and I got the red argyle one for Gunnar. Don't you hate when things go on sale right after you buy them?!)

So I rolled into bed at 6AM, and got woken up at 8:30. Gotta love my kids. I am trying to get the house picked up before dinner tonight. Aaron is paint balling with the guys. I think I will go to bed early tonight and put off putting up the Christmas decorations till tomorrow.

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