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[Comments] (2) [Trackback URL for this entry] Boycott the Mormons: The best part about this story is the call for a boycott on Sundance Film Festival. Yes, could we all boycott that since most of the movies are obscene and pornographic? How absurd to "boycott" a religion. It's non-profit. We have beliefs, it's called a Faith. If you don't chose to believe, then don't. Boycott Utah? I'm afraid the majority pop of the state is non-LDS. How ridiculous and small minded. I'm not calling for resignations or flag burning in front of Obama's house since he was elected, and I hope no one does. Why do people need a scapegoat? The majority voted, respect that. Why do people feel the need to pin it on the African Americans or any group for that matter? The state of California put it to a vote, Prop 8 passed.

I am trying to live my life the way I feel is right, by my own conscience and my belief in God. Others are free to do the same. Let's all live within the bounds of the law and be good citizens of our great country that we are lucky to live in.

"Since the people of California voted to reaffirm the sanctity of traditional marriage between a man and a woman on November 4, 2008, places of worship have been targeted by opponents of Proposition 8 with demonstrations and, in some cases, vandalism," the church's First Presidency wrote.

"Attacks on churches and intimidation of people of faith have no place in civil discourse over controversial issues. People of faith have a democratic right to express their views in the public square without fear of reprisal. Efforts to force citizens out of public discussion should be deplored by people of goodwill everywhere."


Posted by Julie at Tue Dec 02 2008 23:09

Park City is the most liberal part of Utah... and Who does that hurt in the end? Actors, Directors, etc. Maybe they should just avoid and boycott anyone who does not have their same beliefs.

Posted by Joe Walch at Mon Dec 08 2008 18:10

They could boycott Obama since he is against Gay Marriage to. It's also funny that some demographics who have suffered most from discrimination (black women, latinos, Catholics, the LDS) overwhelmingly supported Prop 8. So much for the bigotry tag. However, those who voted against Prop 8 were mostly white yuppie 20-somethings who had just enough college to recite the libertine creedo. The minority demographics were somewhat lacking in the 'no on 8' vote.

Perhaps it would be a good thing that the Left boycotts Utah (as you've pointed out). I'd like to see all the eastern pub copy cat bars and strip joints go out of business. Perhaps Moab will clean up it's act a little to make room for more family friendly outdoor adventure venues.

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