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[No comments] [Trackback URL for this entry] Being bad rad is my job and business is good!: This morning we opened the door to a naked baby. Gunnar has been taking off his jammies lately. It started with the two piece ones. He would just take off the bottoms, and of course the diaper. Now he has mastered the zipper and takes off his sleepers. Nothing is safe anymore! The past couple days I have had to tape his diaper on at night. The boy is crazy. Why he would want to take off clothes when it is cold at night is beyond me.

I've cleaned up poop sheets and pee sheets. Thankfully the tape has worked so far and he has not been able to take the diaper off with that. I hate putting it on, but you do what you got to do. He cries and says owie tape, owie tape, No!, but it is for his own good. Especially when I come in and he is freezing cold and wet. From his own pee.

It just so happened that Aaron forgot it last night. No biggie, I have done early morning loads before to be finished in time for nap time, except that this time, it was not on the sheets. There was a big ring of wetness on his rug. Nice. Rugs don't go in the washer. How do you disinfect a huge rug? The mental picture here is of those Calvin and Hobbs cartoon bumper stickers where there is a stream of pee going up and over. Gunnar got some distance! The wet spot is a good three feet from the crib.

So Gunnar comes up to me after Aaron put a new diaper on and swats his leg and goes uh, naughty! no, no, naughty. uh Dumbo diaper, naughty". (There is an elephant on the front of his diaper, so he calls them Dumbo diapers.) The poor thing was giving himself spankings. I don't know where he got that, we never spank him except for play-you know what I mean, like tickles. It cracks me up, because he knows he is being naughty, but he does it anyway. Because he can. Of course I reinforced that it was naughty to take off his diaper. I just thought it was funny that he was like reporting to me that he was being naughty, and punished himself for it. He will now be known as the Whiz Kid until this phase is over with.

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