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[Comments] (1) [Trackback URL for this entry] Baby, it's cold outside!: Aaron had a bad day today, so he wanted to go out to dinner. Not sure that is the cure for a bad day. The equation is probably more along the lines of Gunnar+restaurant=miserable time, but we pulled through alright with the bottomless fries at Red Robin to keep him busy-"uh, dip it, uh dip it" (in the ketchup). And stealing my "moes" (tomatoes). What is up with them jacking their prices up by the way? Not a fan. Plus my pineapple was cold on my chicken sandwich. At least we got a free one that Aaron is going to take to lunch tomorrow.

Seriously, about Gunnar though. Terrible two's much. He is yelling at me all the time. "Mom-mee! Mom-mee!" If I don't pay attention right away.

After dinner we went to pick up our Christmas card photos, and then drove around a nice neighborhood to look at lights and listen to Christmas music. The children loved it. Gunnar loved it so much, he wanted to make sure I was seeing all the cool lights. "Look! Look! uh lights. Mon (more) lights. Mom-mee! Look." And when we left the neighborhood he cried "mon lights, uh back, uh back". I asked Lily if she could see the Santa Claus and she was like yeah, but I just like Mrs. Claus because she is beautiful.

So what is up with it being freezing today. Yesterday was like 80 degrees. I refuse to run the a/c in the winter (technically still fall people) so Aaron and I had the fan on in our room it was so warm. And when we woke up I didn't even realize it was freezing until I opened the door. Yikes. Never fear. We are back up to the 70's at the end of the week.


Posted by Susie at Wed Dec 17 2008 09:34

I went to IHOP this week and they had raised their prices too. I guess if it goes up at the grocery store, it'll go up at the restaurants.

Maggie loves to dip fries (and pancakes, and eggs, and roast beef...) in ketchup too.

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