Sunny 9 for 2008 December 17 (entry 0)

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I am: determined

I have: A beautiful family

I Am: a busybody.

I Think: about things a lot. And then I think about them some more.

I Know: how to have a good time.

I Want: To go back to school one day, I love taking classes.

I Dislike: putting myself into categories. I like having room to choose how I feel at the moment. However I like to categorize outside things.

I Miss: having a Café Rio salad.

I Fear: Aaron failing the last year of dental school.

I Feel: sore from my Yoga class.

I Smell: my babies skin a lot.

I Crave: to clean my house from top to bottom for a week straight, but I either get interrupted or I have to start over because it is messed up again or I get discouraged and don’t want to look at it for a couple days.

I Cry: whenever I see other people cry.

I Usually: eat oatmeal for breakfast.

I Search: for movies I might like on Netflix.

I Wonder: where we will move to in a year and a half.

I Regret: when I am not more compassionate.

I Love: going out to dinner.

I Care: about keeping in touch with people.

I Always: love a good laugh.

I Worry: about not being a good enough mom.

I Am Not: always on time.

I Remember: talking to my sister Aly late into the night growing up. My kids will always share a room unless there is only one in that gender.

I Believe: in the church.

I Dance: rarely. I don’t like doing stuff with my arms. I think it is called uncoordinated. I’ll just watch thanks.

I speak up: when I have had it.

I Argue: for the sake of debating.

I Write: because I like it.

I Win: the worst garden of the year.

I Lose: track of time when I am alone.

I Wish: I spent the energy I use for feeling guilty, on something productive.

I Listen: to good music.

I Don't Understand: men. I honestly don’t.

I Can Usually Be Found: at home.

I Am Scared: to move and not know my way around.

I Need: 8-9 hours of sleep every night.

I Forget: how bad feeling sick feels until I am sick again.

I Am: hopeful.

I tag: Rachel, Susie, Jenni, Hailey


Posted by Hailey at Wed Dec 17 2008 23:59

I actually kind of want to try it but now I'm afraid your answers will pop into my head as the first things!

Posted by Hailey at Wed Dec 17 2008 23:59

Wah, it blocked my comment again...

Posted by Kristen at Thu Dec 18 2008 08:20

I recovered it :) I know, that is why when I did my sister's I deleted everything she wrote first and then I came back to it a little later so I wouldn't remember what she wrote. But I'm not trying to pressure you into doing it of course.

Posted by Jenni at Thu Dec 18 2008 09:47

Oh, I like this one! That's exactly what I was thinking--that I would accidently use your answers! Hopefully I can come up with my own!

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