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[Comments] (1) [Trackback URL for this entry] What?! : When did we hit the home stretch till Christmas? I can't believe it is in the 20's already. Christmas is just in a few days. It is crazy time has flown so quick. This Dec has been so nice and relaxing. We are staying in town, so there hasn't been that last mad dash to get everything done in the short amount of time before we have to go out of town. I mean two Christmases ago we stayed in town for the first time since I graduated high school, but I just had Gunnar so that doesn't count for non stress holidays.

I have been so nonchalant that I realized on Thurs that if I didn't get the gifts in the mail, that they may not get there by Christmas. I couldn't send a couple though because I was still waiting for them. But I am mailing my last package today, and all my Christmas cards have been sent, and I just have Gunnar's trike to get at Walmart, a gift card, and another gift card and I am done with my shopping. I put it off till next week so I can do it sans kids since Aaron will be home for the holidays. He is taking the second part to the national boards test today, and after today he is home free until Jan 5th. PARTY!

It is kinda funny that right now we are loving the Christmas time, but then once it is over, it is all I can do to wait until New Years day to take everything and put it away again. There really is a time and season for everything. I remember one summer before we had kids, Aaron and I went to Alaska to visit, and during the trip we traveled up to North Pole, AK. There really is a city named that, and they have this big Christmas shopppe with everything Christmas you can imagine. They also have a barn type thing with reindeer in the flesh. If my memory serves me right, they have a "Dear Santa" collection where they receive letters from kids, and I want to say that they actually have a letter they send out back to the kids that write in. I may have just made that up, but I know they do receive letters from kids for Santa.

Anyway, we went there right smack dab in the middle of summer, and even though it was Alaska and it wasn't full on summer weather, it was actually kinda depressing. I didn't really want to look at Christmas stuff because we had just gotten out of the cold months and we were totally into summer. The thought of Christmas being around the corner was just depressing. We still had half a year for that anticipation, and any sooner would just be spoiling the fun.

So it is interesting that we (or I) are so driven by schedules and calendars and this internal timer of when timing is right. I always love the first warm day of Spring and I love seeing everything turn green just as I love the first signs of fall, and the leaves changing colors and the air getting brisk. Having gone through one season for a period of time makes you appreciate the next so much more. It wouldn't be good if it was just spring all the time or summer all the time or Sat all the time. You enjoy Sat because you work so hard throughout the week that once it comes you can enjoy your relaxation. But if everyday is like a Sat to you, you just start feeling depressed and like you aren't doing anything productive just as if you work all the time you only want to take a break. I am so grateful for seasons and having a time and purpose for everything.

And this holiday season, I will be living it in the moment and enjoying it with my family and hopefully will making memories to cherish forever.


Posted by Hailey at Mon Dec 22 2008 21:35

There are people that enjoy Saturdays? Wow. I wish... I dread them!

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