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2008 Christmas card: This is the Christmas card I sent out this year. For some reason, it bugs me when people write their cards in a way that you can't tell which person is writing it. Kinda silly, but people usually don't write in 3rd person except for when they write Christmas cards. No Elmo talk for me...

Happy Holidays- 2008

Our biggest news to report is that Aaron got accepted into the Air Force Advanced Education in General Dentistry (AEGD) program in…WASHINGTON DC (Andrews Air Force base)! We look forward to Aaron’s graduation this coming May and we will be official east coasters in July. Please feel free to visit us anytime, and we mean that. When Aaron’s program is up after a year, we will owe 4 yrs active duty. Location-to be determined.

In the meantime, Aaron is rethinking the sports thing since there were a few hand injury scares on his flag football team. I’m thinking that’s a good idea because he’ll need those hands. Instead, he keeps them strong by playing World of Warcraft.

This fall, we were lucky to get Lily into the school district’s preschool curriculum which is everyday for about 3 hours. Lily, being the social butterfly that she is, loves it to no end. She also looks forward to her dance class once a week, asking me a few times a week if it is dance class day. We were able to take a fall trip to Disney World this year, and all this little princess’ dreams did come true. Our whole family loved it actually. Lily is so precocious and delightful that we just love having such a fun firecracker a part of our family.

Gunnar has totally come out of his shell, (and off my hip) to be quite a boy with said vocabulary, vroom vroom, ball!, choo choo train, outside. Even at this age you can see his great sense of humor shine through with his huge grin and slight dimple. He is a crowd pleaser, and not one day goes by where a stranger will comment on how adorable he is. I agree! The most precious thing to see is his love for his ‘sissy’. They truly are best buds, for better or worse.

My proudest accomplishments for 2008, besides being able to recite Finding Nemo verbatim, would be racing the year away running. I’ve enjoyed 5ks, 10ks, and completed my first half marathon. I am looking forward to finishing a full marathon in Feb. I was also able to take a trip this summer with my sister Julie to NYC, while Aaron took the kids to AZ to visit grandma and grandpa. After NYC, I flew to FL to see my sister Alyson’s family and meet their new baby girl, Molly. There is talk, on my part, of having a girl’s trip become an annual tradition.  I have also loved having one-on-one time with Gunnar boy while Lily is at school and seeing Lily’s new accomplishments after her return. My little family has grown so much this year and I feel blessed to be apart of it. We hope this letter finds you all happy and healthy. Thank you for being apart of our lives and sharing in our joy.


Aaron, Kristen, Lily, & Gunnar

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