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[Comments] (1) How to be embarrassed by your 3 yr old: part 18,951: So the weather has been really nice lately. It is a little chilly in the morning which gets the house cooled down so we don't have to run the a/c and in the afternoon it is sunny and perfect. I like a little of both--having to wear a jacket in the morning and then being in capris in the afternoon. Makes me enjoy the "winter" and the wardrobe of it while still being comfortable most of the time. And Gunnar has been taking shorter naps (which means I will probably move him over to one big nap a day instead of two) so there is time to kill before Aaron gets home from school or whatever so we have been busting out the double jogging stroller and taking walks.

Gunnar loves walks. Loves them. As soon as I plop him down in the seat he doesn't even make a peep until I get him out. I have to ask Lily sometimes if he is asleep or awake because I just can't believe how quietly he is sitting there observing. Lily loves walks too, probably because she grew up on walks, but now she sometimes wants to walk along with me...at least until there is a stray dog running around. I've told stories of some bombs that have come out of her mouth while on walks in the past, and she has gone and done it again today. This robust lady was going out to her car while talking on the cell phone and Lily goes, "Mom, is that a big FAT lady?" "Of course not, Lily!" I say as we are barely 15 feet away from her, hoping that if by chance she heard Lily, she would hear me and then feel better. Then she begs the question, "why is she not fat?" like she so often does--why this, why that, to whatever I just said. Oh my gosh, I don't know where she picks up some of those things. I don't know whether to laugh or duck my head and run. I am so dropping Lily's lunch off at her school in pajamas and hot rollers when she is in 7th grade for this.

On another tangent, this past weekend Lorna was in the car with us, and she asked us a question and Lily goes "Moppie said not to ask questions". She was reminded of my mom saying this to her because Lorna was with us, but after one day of my mom having the kids for a couple hours I picked them up and on the way home Lily informed me that "Moppie says not to ask any more questions." I called my mom to confirm what I suspected that Lily was asking why? to everything my mom was telling her. My mom who likes to be the adult in an adult-child situation just forbade her to ask any more questions. For some reason this really makes me laugh inside. I can so see this playing out in my mind. And Lily has gotten a lot better at not asking so many- 'Why can't I see outside? Because it is foggy. Why is it foggy? Because the clouds came down to visit us. Why did the clouds come down? Because they wanted to say hi. Why did they want to say hi? What do you want quantum physics? Ask your dad.'-anymore. There you have it.

[Comments] (1) PS: My mom is 51! She just had her birthday the 6th. Happy b-day, mom!


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