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[Comments] (1) I can't take it any longer: I cannot believe how much laundry my family generates. I do 2 or more loads a day and still I feel I am making no headway. Seriously, I am so sick of having piles of laundry in my room. I want a clean room! I am tired of piles to be folded and piles to be washed and piles to be put away, but I can't put away yet with a sleeping baby in that room, and when the sleeping baby is not in that room, that baby wants to be held 24/7. I don't even have twins and I still can't keep up. What is wrong with this picture?

[Comments] (2) No more putting it off: We had a great time in Utah. So much fun that I am still recovering from it. If it has taken this long to recover with just a week long trip, I am frightened for the aftermath of my 10 day trip coming up in a week. I am going to NYC with my sister Julie (SWEET!). I thought about going with Aaron, but who else is better company shopping Canal St and seeing Wicked on Broadway than my sis, Julie?! and then to be with my sister and new niece in Tallahassee for a week for much baby love and hopefully a lot of bathroom cleaning, oven scrapping, and anything else I can get my hands on to clean for Alyson. (It better be dirty when I get there!)

It may seem selfish to be going off sans kids and husband to party on my own, but I figure what better time than now when I am not pregnant or nursing? I guess this year is my turn to do a "sisters trip" since Aaron's "annual brothers backpacking trip" was not held this year. And I've paid my dues being home alone there. Plus, Aaron is taking the kids to visit his parents in AZ, so I am sure they will have their fair share of fun.

Here is a summation of what we did in UT:

-The kids got spoiled by Dad and Jan

-We got to do lots of fun things with my Dad and Jan (Cafe Rio and Indiana Jones)

-Good Wood, Cafe Rio, Wingers, and The Greenery in Odgen

-Down East Outfitters and Shade shopping

-Trip down memory lane driving around the valley

-Breakfast with John, Susie, and Maggie and some great catching up

-Cousins, cousins, cousins...the kids got to play with their cousins that they've missed, and Aaron and I got to catch up with our cousins too.

-Werewolf till 2AM!

-Reprieve from the TX heat (We were wearing sweaters and jackets!)

-Smith Reunion in general. It was a big success and lots of fun.

-Utah scenery...I didn't know how much I missed the mountains until I saw them again.

-Seven bedroom house for all the Rick Smiths to stay in. I really liked how there was living space as opposed to a hotel room. When the kids nap you have to be around but you can't really do anything because you will wake them up. Problem solved in a house.

-When we got to UT and were renting our car, they bumped us up from a full size sedan to an SUV for free. I about died when we filled up the tank for $90 but at least it was a comfy, spacious ride with all our crap.

-The kids were really good on the flights there and back despite us getting in to UT at midnight and our flight leaving at 6:30AM.

That's about all I can think of. It is going to be at Wolf Creek Ski Resort again next year so we are looking forward to another trip to Utah soon.


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