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[Comments] (1) Reflection: Last night Aaron and I stayed up to watch Shawn Johnson and Nastia Lukin win gold and silver in the balance beam. Watching the summer Olympics reminds me so much of when Lily was born. We watched the Olympics on TV while I was in labor. They were even on after Lily was born. Somehow in the hospital, an Olympic basketball game ended up on TV, against my wishes, causing me to want to throw out the TV and everyone in the room. Who wants to watch basketball period, let alone when they have a fresh new life in their arms to look at? Not me. I didn't even want the tv on at home for fear that the world would spoil the ears of my pure newborn.

I like watching the gymnastics, swimming, and running. I like watching the gymnastics but the fact that it is judged bothers me because it seems like there are some crooked judges. It's not fair that everything is decided based on people's opinions whereas running and swimming, you have a finish line and a time. I don't like it being on so late with the time change and all, so I haven't watched them a lot because nights are my catch up time. It is usually background noise for whatever else I am doing.

So my little Lily is turning four, and every Aug every four years we will get to watch the Summer Olympics and remember her sweet long awaited birth. My life changed that day in so many ways recognized and yet to be realized. I feel very lucky to be Lily's mom. I don't know why Heavenly Father thought me to be worthy of such a smart genuine girl. In fact, I can't believe the hospital staff let us walk out with such a precious treasure. I just kept thinking, "they're just going to let us take her? Like that? They are not going to stop us and check up on us to make sure we are doing everything right?" There is nothing like your first experience becoming a parent.

So tomorrow I will be going to Lily's teacher meet and greet, and on Monday she will have her first day of Pre-K through the school district, including bus rides, cafeteria lunches and all. She's so ready, and so am I. I am sad that she will never be the same again. She will be even more grown up to me, which is another reason why I baby Gunnar so much. I don't want my baby to get big. To think that Lily was in a regular bed a couple months older than what Gunnar already is. That blows my mind.

A funny thing that happened yesterday- My friend from the gym came over for a play date with her girls. She had on a tank top that showed cleavage and Lily was all, "what's that hole?" We weren't sure what she was talking about so she came closer to Lily so she could point to what she was referring to. She points right into the crack of her cleavage. Nice...we all had a laugh. At least she didn't say "why is she not modest?" like she does in public places. That would be hard to explain to my friend.

I love you Lily billy.


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