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[Comments] (4) Busy(body): This week has been crazy. So much going on...I love that Lily is in pre-k. It is really nice to know she is somewhere where they are teaching her how to properly use glue, one dot at a time (a dot is a lot!). Cutie thing to learn, and I am glad it is not me, because I would mos def freak out that she was getting glue everywhere and making a mess that would just be one more thing to clean up. She is also coming home with handouts of lines, and they practice using scissors and cutting straight lines. This is the mark of a horrible mother: when we were buying school supplies, the most exciting thing for Lily was that she was getting her very own pair of scissors. "Mama, do I get to use scissors in pre-school?"-in wide eyed wonderment. Yes, I am a horrible mother because I NEVER let her touch scissors. All the scissors are put away for fear of her getting creative on the couch or whatever she can ruin, and so far there hasn't been any curious cutting of the hair incidents that many kids that age experiment with. How bad of me to stunt her learning because I don't want to deal with it.

The depressing thing about pre-school is that it feels like all my free time goes to doing the dishes and housework. I love that I have time to get it done with no interruptions since Gunnar naps pretty much the whole time Lily is gone, but how depressing to do dishes and other jobs everyday on your free time. Not to mention I am never caught up. There is always work to be done and it can be exhausting. It is something I have had to reconcile over and over again to myself. As soon as I have washed and folded every piece of laundry, there is another pile to be done at the end of the day, and a few more pieces to add to it the next morning. All day, every day I work hard and then it immediately gets undone...dishes are done, guess what, time to make dinner and get another sink full of dishes. You mop the floor, and undoubtedly that day, something spills on it. Nothing ever wants to spill on a dirty floor. No, the clean ones are more magnetic.

One of these days I will have a house big enough for me to organize all this junk. Secretly, I wish someone would just haul all 'my stuff' away. I doubt I would notice half of it missing. Part of me is wanting to just go pack up and move to a farm, but that is just because of this book I am reading for my sister's book club: Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. It's life changing.

Onto a completely different topic, have I ever mentioned how much I hate going to the doctors? Probably a billion times, but I will say it again. I HATE Dr offices! Not because I have some weird phobia, but simply because I hate that you go in and are seen for 10 minutes max and yet you are undoubtedly there for no less than an hour. Well, I postponed Gunnar's shots so I could take Lily in for hers at the same time to avoid a second trip. We finally went this past week and I was there for...wait for it...almost 2 1/2 hours!! My appt was at 4:15 and I didn't leave until 6:30. I was there later than the Dr herself. I saw her leave as I was still waiting for the nurse to administer the shots. How on earth can they justify making me stay there that long is beyond me. I don't see how they sleep at night. I mean as I walked out the door the nurses walked out right behind be and locked up. There has to be a better way. I hear the military is just as bad. Joy. 'Free' health care.

It didn't help that my kids were screaming bloody murder from the shots. Lily was literally trying to climb up the wall to escape the nurse. She was scratching her nails on the wall trying to scale it. And then Gunnar was so sad and so cute screaming "ooowie". The worst part is they make you hold down your child and they don't understand why you would hurt them.

Today I was able to do my long run since the hurricane didn't hit us with all that rain they were forecasting. I did a 9-miler. I am not used to going later in the morning so I wasn't prepared for the sun. I should have worn sunglasses and sunscreen but I didn't think about it as I usually run around 6am, but I didn't wake up early because I thought it would be raining outside. When it wasn't I decided to run outside instead of the gym. At least there was a good breeze thanks to H-Ike. To do list before my next long run: buy new socks, and buy a hydration belt. Both are much needed. 4 more weeks until my half marathon.


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