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[Comments] (1) Fortune's Forecast: Today is such a beautiful day. It's breezy, in the 70's, and cloudy. My windows are open and I am in a GREAT mood. I can't wait for fall and sweaters. I can already smell Halloween in the air.

[Comments] (1) Eye-deal: Gunnar had his 6 month eye check up. They moved his prescription up again. He is now -5.25. For this kid's sake I hope the vision loss tapers soon. I don't think he can take a -1.0 hit every 6 months. The Dr said it was nothing to worry about.

On a positive note, my appt was at 1:10 and I was out of there by 1:50. 30 mins of it was waiting for the dilation drops to work (which Gunnar hated, btw). This Dr knows how to do it.


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