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Happy New Year: 2009! Whoop, whoop

[Comments] (2) And the New Year's goals are...: I am going to be better at keeping a cleaner house. I was going to say 'try', but there is no try, only do. I don't want to set myself up for failure in the beginning so I am going to be optimistic. After the marathon, I will have more energy for unfun stuff like cleaning.

My first sacrifice in keeping a shipshape house was to get 'the mess' out of the living. 'The mess' being a corner of infinite toys. Those toys drive me nuts and they keep dividing and multiplying. At night I look around the living room mess and nothing is mine. I am really no good at keeping up with 4 people's messes. Mine and everyone else's. In college with my own room, it was never messy. There was a place for everything and everything in it's place. I even did the dishes 50-75% of the time and on one Sat of the month I would usually do an overhaul on the kitchen and living area. But cleaning up after 2 Tasmanian devils and a giant child, I tend to resent the work because it gets undone so quickly and I don't get to enjoy it.

I need to get better at including Lily in the clean up and getting her excited about it and introducing it to Gunnar. I hate cleaning with them because it takes 3 times as long and I would rather get it all done fast after they go to bed than to prolong the agony. The bad thing is after they go to bed sometimes I collapse in a big puff of air on the chair and there is no moving me for awhile. Anyway, enough airing my dirty laundry...

I decided that now was the time to move Gunnar's crib into Lily room. They are roomies now. I wasn't ready to put him in a bed, I just don't want to deal with that right now. We did have Lily spend the night in Gunnar's room a couple times to try it out. The first experience was a disaster (on Lily's part) and I will leave it at that. The second was just fine, so the third night the crib went into Lily's room. Gunnar wasn't quite as excited about not being in his room as he was for Lily to be in his. He cried and kept saying "ah roooooom, ah room, ah room". Finally he settled after family prayer. I figure that a couple more days and he will hardly remember being alone. So next step is drag all the toys in the now 'play room'. Wah-la...already going to be a cleaner house.

[Comments] (4) I hate goodbyes, shh...just go: So Julie and Chuck left to go back to Utah yesterday. I also took down the Christmas lights on the house; the last remnants of Christmas. Winter break has finally come to a close. I am glad Lily is back in school. Gunnar and she are friends but he is not really a worthy playmate that can stand up to her shenanigans. Once again I will say she is definitely an older sister (boss).

I miss my sis and I am bummed to think that I probably won't see her for awhile. Before she left we went to lunch at the Nordstrom's Bistro at La Cantera with mom and Chuck. Ben was very thoughtful and offered to watch Gunnar during his nap. It was an offer I couldn't refuse, and it was a wonderful afternoon to say the least. We had a great lunch and discussed many things including our latest findings on Scientology and why it is such a creepy cult. Then we strolled around the mall, made a purchase for Aaron for our anniversary coming up (let's just say he and Chuck are going to be twinners), and shared some frozen yogurt at Orange Cup. It was a fun, recharging day for a mom and I am sad to see J&C go, but they were here for 3 weeks and we got spoiled enough having them this long. Aly and family were the only ones that didn't make it home.

What a merry, pleasant, relaxing, and entertaining Christmas it was. I kinda miss it. Now onto the next thing. Anniversary on the 19th, along with MLK Jr day, a 25k race, Valentines Day, Presidents Day, and then the big race. Lots to look forward to.

Clean bill of health: I went to get my teeth cleaned at the clinic yesterday. It was something I wanted to do before we moved just to avoid hassle in the future. Still no cavities. Nothing turns me on more than Aaron brushing my teeth. haha It's fun to see Aaron in his element. My little dentist in 4 months. :) It's weird to think we won't be students anymore.

My life, kinda like Marley and Me: One movie I got to see over the break was Marley and Me. It was a girls night one and I have to say I was expecting hammy predictable lameness, but was pleasantly surprised at how clever and funny the whole movie was and that I decided that I really like Owen Wilson's voice. He is not much to look at but I really like his voice. A lot. Jennifer Aniston, on the other hand, needs to eat a cheeseburger (or maybe 12...why is it that when some people are that skinny their head looks like a giant pumpkin? just sayin).

I was really touched. Her life was my life in some aspects, and I could really relate except I would have gotten rid of that dog in the beginning making the movie not like my life at all. (Remember Sadie? Sad fact, I tried looking for any post about Sadie and how we ended up getting rid of her or even when we got her but there was nothing. How sad is that? That earns me the unequivocal title of Least Animal-Lover Person ever. A title I am sure to lose sleep over.)

Now that I have established that I have black pen ink for blood and an empty bird cage instead of a heart, I say go see the movie, you will cry your eyes out. Or in my case shed a tear or two and get that painful lump in your throat because you are willing yourself not to cry, especially about a misbehaved dog you would have given the boot a long time ago.

Faster than you can say Bob's your uncle: Want to know how quickly a two and four year old can use up a dollar? One pack of stickers at the dollar spot can be applied in about 4 minutes, leaving the rest of shopping time miserable unless there is another 'thing' to occupy his brain. 30 minutes in a store/4 minutes= 7.5 times $1= $7.50 per shopping trip and you can't buy half a thing so rounded up to 8, just to tame the beast in the basket, if I can even man handle him into sitting in the cart. Packages opened, toys ruined, stickers used up.

Lily is a breath of fresh air compared to Gunnar at the store. Today though, she ate an entire carton of blueberries. Luckily they were on sale for $1.99, a thing of string cheese for 39 cents, and she chose an organic green apple to munch on which was $1.99 a pound, and I bet the apple was at least a half pound. Let's see, oh yes, the receipt says .43lbs so it was 86 cents, and don't forget the cherry "sample" the kids helped themselves too. I mean I pay for the apples and whatnot they eat while cruising the store (chewed up and all) but I refuse to pay for 2 cherries at $3.99/lbs. HEB will just have to arrest me. Not to mention the box of fruit snacks and raisins opened which is a little embarrassing while checking out...I hope the checkers have kids of their own and understand. Plus Gunnar ate everything Lily ate and more. I'd say I spent a good $8 feeding my children just to keep them quiet so I can get some grocery shopping done (and the package of toothbrushes for $1.50 I threw in the cart to appease the beggers). More than the price of Happy Meals, but better for you. I guess I'll take what I can get.

[Comments] (4) Good Eatin: Yesterday I went to eat lunch with Lily. She really wanted me to come to her school and I have been meaning to since school started, and everything fell together just right yesterday. Mom watched Gunnar at her house while he napped, and I zoomed on over. Wow, brings back memories. I had a choice between the tacos with fake meat, I totally remembered it, and two new things- baked potato with dried up ham bits and cheese that doesn't melt, and a ham and cheese wrap in a tortilla. Lily picked the tortilla wrap, cutie thing to pick, and I had the baked potato. With the cheese that doesn't melt.

The side choices were a little different except the pinto beans and corn bread. There was orange jello with bits of fruit cocktail suspended in it (Lily wanted that of course, but strangely only ate one bite), a mealy apple that was pretty gross, and I love apples. They find the oldest cheapest crap to feed to kids and it is no wonder they don't like fruit and veggies they way they serve it there. I had an iceberg lettuce salad with a tablespoon of ranch. They also had tiny bottled waters, and the good ol chocolate milk. I used to get that every time. Even for cereal in the morning. Yep, Golden Grahams with chocolate milk. I'm not surprised Lily gets the choco milk too. And of course I bought Lily the obligatory ice cream popsicle that all good moms get their kids when they come to lunch with them. It cost freakin $3.30! Holy crap, prices have gone up. Good thing Lily is on the free lunch program.

The best part is that Lily was excited to see me there, and wasn't ashamed of me at all. She has a cute class. They were like 'bye Lily's mom' when I left. My mom of course teased me and asked if Lily pretended not to know me like I did when I was in 2nd grade. Yes, I did pretend not to know my mom when she surprised me by coming to lunch. In my defense, I was very shy in elementary school and anything that brought extra attention to me was torture. I hated wearing jackets because I felt like they made me stand out more than usual. I quit ballet because the snobby girls made fun of my payless "Alf" shoes. The way mom dressed me and didn't do my hair didn't help my shyness to say the least. I hated people noticing me, so you can understand my horror when I all the sudden see my mom in the front of the line. All eyes were on me so I just walked really fast ahead of her and pretended that she was not my mom. I warmed up to her at the end of lunch when she started buying everyone chocolate bars and they were all happy to be around us.

It's all good though, she has since forgiven me. Man o man, I was a strange kid.

[Comments] (2) phew: Aaron passed the National Boards test he took in Dec, and the best part of it was that he didn't spend too much time away from the family studying for it.

Claim to fame: Yesterday I took a boot camp class and got my booty kicked by this local celebrity. I could tell when I saw her, who she was. I watch her on the news sometimes and I always think she has the buffest arms. And she does. She is super nice and personable in real life. I loved her class-way good and she is prettier in real life. She was just the sub and works regularly at the other Spectrum, but hopefully I will get to take a class from her again. Pretty cool.

[Comments] (2) What's it like to sleep on a $140 pillow?: Heavenly! That's what Aaron got me for our anniversary except he got it on sale. Atta boy! I have him trained not to buy things at full price. He also got me an Ulta gift card. And flowers. Ahh, what a sweet, sweet man. Even though we resent each other's interests (him playing Warcraft and me indulging in expensive hair products) we can still be supportive of each other's decisions (me letting him get another better gaming laptop and him getting me an Ulta gift card). Hmm, I think I am getting gypped and I need to find more expensive hobbies.

Lily was so upset when he came home with presents for me and none for her that she actually went into her closet and started bawling. Really, full on legitimate crying out of emotional pain and probably scarring. So that night while Aaron and I were out on our date he bought Lily a baby doll. That girl stole my birthday and now she wants to steal my anniversary too. : P It was cute this morning when she found her doll, she brought it into my room and was so excited. She asked if it was for her and I said that daddy bought her that present and she was like "because you and daddy got married!"

But back to my uber important pillow. Once you have slept on a fine pillow, you cannot go back. It really is quite sweet that Aaron got me a pillow because it was the first gift he bought me ever. It was for graduation, since we started dating a couple weeks before I graduated. Aaron worked for JC Penny Home Store at the time, and he won my mom over when he could carry on a conversation about thread count of sheets and could refold a down comforter and get it back into its original packaging. So I opened the gift from him, and me being the 17 yr old dingbat that I was, was all 'you got me a pillow' and he was all 'it's a $150 pillow (that I got for $50 from my sweet job hookups)' and I was all 'but it's a pillow' and I think I threw in some rolling of the eyes. Naive.

Now I stuff my dang pillow in every suitcase I pack for any trip. It is worth the space. I cannot sleep properly without my beloved pillow. I remember one time when I was living in Spokane and some friends and I went to Seattle overnight. Of course I brought my pillow along, but I absentmindedly forgot my pillow in the hotel. My stomach hurt until we got home and I could look the hotel number up and call and make sure the cleaning lady didn't take off with my $150 pillow. Luckily it was in the lost and found and they shipped it to me.

So the thoughtful gift Aaron got me about 10 yrs ago is done for. It has been demoted to "hug around the chest pillow". He got the great idea after I stole his pillow and he was getting terrible sleep. Seriously, I was getting shoulder aches and neck pain because my pillow went belly-up.

Aaron and I now have a total of 6 pillows in commission on our bed. In case anyone is wondering why I need so many pillows, it's simple. One between the legs to align my hips and back, one to hug, and one for my head. It seems I gain another pillow with each baby I carry and I can't give it up after the baby is born. Aaron is now following in my footsteps graduating up to 3 for him too.

I love me a good pillow.

[Comments] (3) Decisions, decisions...: Hmm, go to Enrichment tonight and learn about emergency preparedness (ie food storage) again, OR watch 3 hours of Lost? Call me crazy but I am going to be sitting on my rear with pumpkin cookies in hand watching Lost. I'm up to my eyeballs in dried beans and soup and I so don't want to be guilted more by hearing about saving money and blah blah. When you are basically living off student loans there is no saving involved. Maybe next year I will be more interested in it or even next week when Lost isn't on. I just wish every 5th Sunday and Enrichment wasn't about this. I get it is important, but people are either going to do it or not. We get it already.

*Cute note about the word decision-when I put Gunnar in time out and then go back in to get him out I always ask him what did you do wrong, and was it a good decision or bad decision, then say sorry. Gunnar is so cute because he always explains to me perfectly what he did wrong and then he will say 'bad decision'. It's a mouthful for a 2 yr old, but so precious. It is kinda bad because I almost enjoy time out because he is so dang cute.

You know what you did wrong? Ah hit sissy. Was it a good decision or a bad decision? Ah bad decision. Are you going to go tell sissy you are sorry? Ah yeah...sorry sissy. Uh hugs. Now imagine that with the cutest smile on his face. Who could be mad at a boy like that?

[Comments] (3) Swoosh: Today I completed another stepping stone in training to get to my goal of marathon in Feb. I competed in the Bulverde Endurathon which was 25k. That's 15.5 miles. And it was pretty chilly and windy this morning. The course was a lot harder than I thought. Lots of hills, ack! My goal was to do as well as my half marathon in terms of time per minute which was 9 minute miles for that. I pretty much blew that goal out of the water. I really surprised myself today. It helped me tons to have a running partner to push me and keep me going. I ran with my friend Jessica from the ward who is an extremely talented athlete who ran competitively in college. She just had a baby 5 months ago, c-section, and she's awesome.

Even though I felt a little blah from it being that time of the month, the wind, and the hills I completed it in 2 hrs 11 minutes 30 secs. That translates to 8min 28sec miles. For 15.5 miles. I am still in shock. And pain. I am so elated. I even checked to see what my time would have been if I were running a half marathon (and I so badly wanted it to just be that, but I had to keep going) and at that point I timed it at 1 hr 50 minutes.

I felt pretty good the whole race until mile 11 I felt it catching up with me. In case I ever want to relive the misery, because you really do forget how bad things feel for example getting pregnant again, I remember at mile 12 thinking 'I think my ankle is going to give out on me and could possibly be broken. My feet felt like I walked through burning coals barefoot. I have a blister on each pad of my foot below the big toe the size of a nickel. I just kept thinking to myself just keep going, when you finish then you can rest, pain is temporary, don't think about it. I didn't even want to talk about it with my friend Jessica, who I ran practically the whole race with but she beat me by about 45 secs, because if I even spoke about it, I would start saying to myself it's okay to slow down a little bit. That is what I think is really the crux of running is- tolerating muscle and joint pain. Breathing and heart rate you get used to, granted you have to be at some level of fitness, but you get to the point where your body gives into you and says fine, I will keep my heart rate this high without giving you crap about it, but the distance training is for your muscles, skin, and joints. Sprint training is for your pace.

I just feel like anybody could train and complete a marathon. The key word is train. A lot of people don't enjoy running. For some sadistic reason I do. In the past I liked running, I was always the first girl to complete the mile in elementary school and middle school and on the tennis team in HS until this freshman came on the team and we would go back and forth. Granted, I am far from superior. It is hard to get back into it when you stop for awhile and intimidating to try it again. But it is nice to be reacquainted with my old friend.

Little Person (Don't hold your breath and feel free to take a nap if needed): Since Gunnar Boy is at the age he changes weekly, it's time for another update on his mannerisms and little personality. He has pretty much learned his colors in the past month. When he was first recognizing colors, he knew blue and pink, but everything else was pink. The boy loves pink. He and lily fight over the pink crayon kinda like the way Lily fights with Gunnar over who gets to go to bed with the vroom vrooms. I guess they just want to keep each other in check and commandeer whatever it is the other person wants. He is still a little sketchy on shades resembling pink, like red is always pink, but he is getting better. He even surprised me with some shapes. He has known circle and star for awhile but he started recognizing triangle. The reason why this is so amusing to me is 1) I am his mother and everything he does is like a Mozart opera or Michelangelo masterpiece to me and 2)This poor kid gets about a quarter of the lap time I gave to Lily when she was his age, reading books and doing puzzles and stuff. She had all the books memorized before she even turned 2. She did the whole dog and pony show whenever we wanted to show her off. Poor Gunnar doesn't get half that, but he has an older sibling. That assuages my guilt a little bit.

He calls himself "Nuh-nuh" and if you ask where's Gunnar? he will pat his face. When I get him out of his crib in the morning and set him in his highchair for breakfast (yes he is still in a highchair and I have to sit him in there first thing when he is semi unconscious otherwise he throws a fit, he will not sit for more than 30 secs if he is not in a highchair) he will sometimes request 'ah glasses on'. He is very fond of his glasses and if I take them off to clean the lenses which are often greasy and crusty, he gets upset and wants them back on.

I am sure I have mentioned this before but if I haven't it is worth noting that Gunnar has a serious Michael Jacksonesque freak obsession with gloves or 'mits' as he calls them. Preferably both, but I can usually only find one so he goes around with one stiff mitten on his hand because he doesn't ever curl his fingers with it on, making it look even more hilarious.

The boy is a Houdini. It doesn't matter what we do, he eventually figures out how to get out of his diaper in the morning. I will go in there and he will be naked from the waist down. He sees me and he will swat his leg giving himself spankings saying 'ah naughty diaper, naughty!'. Cracks me up.

He loves walking Lily to the bus stop and waiting for the bus. He will look up the street and say every time 'ah bus coming?' and then answer his own question 'no, not yet!'. Every time he sees a bus on the street it is automatically 'sissy's bus'. Across the street from the bus stop there is a house that has the most hideous frog and goose yard art. They freak Gunnar out. He will be running around playing tag with Lily and then stop in his tracks and lock eyes on the goose and wave his arms at it saying 'uh no duck, ah way. Scary duck!' Gunnar loves waving goodbye to sissy though, and while walking home he will say "ah Nemo, ah lunch, ham sandwich'. Lately he wants to watch EIO Baby Einstein though, but likes Dora and Diego too.

He is surprisingly responsive to the Diego and Dora shows. When they ask questions, like 'is this the green eyed tree frog?' 'noooo' and he usually gets it right. Lily never responded out loud to shows, just watched. His favorite song is Wheels on the Bus and Monkeys Jumping on the Bed and Swinging in a Tree. Gunnar still is the best eater out there. He LOVES salad. He will always finish it off and eats just about anything I put in front of him. The boy eats all the time. He is always asking for 'ah snack' and then will grab my hand and say 'show me, show me' and drag me over to the pantry and want me to open the door so he can show me what he wants to eat. He usually grabs about 4 bags of fruit snacks, I don't blame him, those are good, and he loves almonds. He always goes for Aaron's chips. He can never be satisfied with one thing though. 'I want raisins too.' He loves all fruit especially grapes and bananas and gets violently mad whenever we pass up any fruit in the grocery store. He usually snacks on an apple, banana, and some sort of berry before I can even leave the produce isle. And he always wants a snack before dinner, so he eats that, and he eats all his dinner. He seriously eats all day long.

When I say Gunnar gets violently mad, I mean psycho here. He has the ugliest angry scream ever. It is psycho, I am serious. He gets so intense with rage he shakes. I really hope this is just a phase. It's pretty disturbing to say the least. One time he wanted me to get him a fork instead of a spoon and his pronunciation of fork is not to well. I couldn't understand what it was he was saying b/c it sounded just like the F word, and finally he started screaming this obscenity to me in frustration until I finally realized what it was he wanted. I otta wash his mouth out.

I cannot pass the microwave or garage door opener with him in arms without him squealing 'I push it, I do it too!' He has a thing for buttons. Loves buttons. Remotes, anything with buttons. He gets so mad that he can't reach the button to roll down his window. He likes to have it down and sometimes he can get his toe on it and then he gets all excited. He also has a thing for markers and is pretty good at coloring on paper. He saw a quilt at Aaron's Uncle and Aunt's house with every Smith's hand traced in each quilt patch. Ever since he has been so fascinated with tracing his hands and my hands on paper. Kinda random, but super cute.

He adores Ashley and when he saw her again recently he said 'I missed you'. Living in a track home subdivision, there is not much variation in housing so anytime he sees a house that looks like David and Ashley's with their brick color he exclaims 'Ashley's house!'. He knows when we are on our way to Moppie's house when we make that turn onto Circle A. Once we get into mom's house he goes straight for the jellybean jar. No variation. He always gets a double handful. And goes back for seconds and thirds if he gets the chance. When Chuck was here for Christmas he taught Gunnar how to feed Rocky, the dog, food. He kept asking me for more 'ah meat' fajita meat and then would ask to 'ah hi Rocky'. So I took him outside and he kept throwing the meat at him. I couldn't figure out why he started doing that until I saw Gunnar duping Chuck into taking him outside to 'ah hi Rocky'. I then saw Chuck giving Gunnar bits of meat to throw at Rocky. It entertained him all night.

He is definitely a dentist's son. He is anal about brushing his teeth. He goes in my room every morning and climbs on my toilet to get to the toothbrushes and turn on the water and brush his teeth over and over. He never lets me put back the toothbrush so we have a graveyard of them on the floor of the car. It gets expensive supplying him with all the confiscated toothbrushes. Perhaps one of the cutest things he does, and Lily did this, he will reach up and say 'ah hold you'. He likes to do it when I am making dinner too, and then it isn't so cute. He also says 'er are you?' or 'ah sissy go?' when looking for me or Lily. Cutest words to escape lips. Not so cute when he says 'oh way' when he is shooing me away.

He is a very good nurturer though. I will often see him with one of Lily's dolls underarm or him feeding a baby a bottle. It is so precious to watch my baby, baby another baby. I love that he likes to sleep with dolls and stuffed animals too. I even caught him pretending to change one of the diapers on a doll. He is tender at heart. He'll be such a good daddy.

Dear Gunnar, All the little things you do, endear me to you. Love, Mama

[Comments] (2) Crunch: In light of the past week(s) I am weighing the pros and cons of my children sharing rooms. Lily has only slept in her room for the whole night once since Gunnar has joined her. It wasn't uncommon for her to come sleep with us once in awhile but every night? ComeOn. Lily and Gunnar are rowdy and play into the night. I think last night I threatened more spankings than I have ever in their lives. Of course I didn't spank, but I don't know what else to do. I just want quiet after 7:30, is that too much to ask? Gunnar has broken the sign above the crib. Lily steals Gunnar's cars he sleeps with and he can do nothing about it b/c he can't get out of the crib, but she is walking around playing all night. Lily gets into the crib with Gunnar and wakes him up, and he is not happy. I go in there 20 times after I put them to bed. Con, con, con, con, con, con, con. Pros---I'll have to get back to that one. Why did I do this again?

Sweet dreams: Last night I asked Lily if she wanted Gunnar to go back to his room. Just to make sure she wanted him there still, and to see if she felt pushed out of her space. She emphatically protested Gunnar going back to his room. I then told her that if she didn't sleep in her bed the whole night through then I would move Gunnar back.

This morning when I came out she rushed out of her room and exclaimed "Mommy, I had a really good dream last night. It wasn't scary. There wasn't a mean old witch. It didn't have horsies, but it had unicorns in it. Haha, it was a good dream." This is progress. Plus it only took them probably 45 minutes to go to sleep instead of 3 hours. I haven't moved the toys yet, because I am still on the fence on whether or not this move is going to be permanent. Things are looking up.

[Comments] (2) Another one?: Yes, something is going around. I've caught it. It's called Tag. I got tagged a couple of time for the "25 things" on FB and a tag for 6 so I will just do all 25 on my blog.

1.I love scalding hot showers. They don't burn me, but Aaron claims they burn him.

2.I shave my legs once a week. Aaron claims not to have known this about me before we got married. Too bad.

3.I love multi-tasking.

4.I have a thing for accents. I used to befriend all the foreign exchange students I knew and pick their brain about their homeland.

5.I love music. I wish I can sing, but I love listening to music.

6.When Aaron gets a real job and we have a couple dollars to rub together (or $1000) I am going to buy a sweet bike and go on loooong bike rides on Sat. Maybe even do some races.

7.I love to kiss my babies on their mouth. I said I never would b/c I used to want to throw up when I saw my friend kiss her dad on the lips in high school, but I couldn't help myself.

8.I love listening to Lily make believe when she doesn't know I am listening. She has a vivid imagination.

9.I find cooking very relaxing and cathartic, and I love cooking alone with nothing interrupting me. I have deep satisfaction when I make a healthy delicious meal.

10.I enjoy small get togethers and don't like "parties". I don't like making the rounds. I would much rather have an intimate meaningful conversation with a handful of friends rather than seeing a lot of faces and saying hi.

11.I always tip over 20%. If the service is terrible I might tip only 20%. I used to serve tables and I don't think people should go out to eat unless they can tip well. That's what take out is for.

12.I don't like to sleep with any lights or noise. I have to turn the num lock key off at night because I can see the light shining on the ceiling.

13.I rarely pay full price for anything. I get a rush from getting things on sale and I am not satisfied with purchases unless I got a good deal on it.

14.I don't wear make-up everyday and I love it.

15.I am a moody person. That is to say I like to be in the mood for something I eat, or do, or watch.

16.The older I get, the more I like myself.

17.I don't scare easily. I don't have a thing for making sure my doors are locked and I don't get scared if Aaron isn't home (sometimes I like being alone), and bugs and things don't scare me. I think they are gross but I but I don't have a fear of it unless I know it can kill me.

18.I like musicals.

19.I always say stuff I regret. I am working on the filter from my brain to my mouth. I am just used to my family and we don't really offend easily, but I have to watch what I say elsewhere.

20.I like soft ice cream. I hate when it is so hard you can barely taste it. I think that is why I love Cold Stone so much, because it is so creamy and soft. I also like brownies the next day after the flavors have settled. I think hot brownies, like ice cream, lack flavor because of the temp except one is too hot and the other is too cold.

21.I am not a picky eater. At all. Except when it comes to poor quality, and processed things.

22.One of these days (in the near future) I am going to go skydiving. I have always wanted to do it and I told Aaron to get it for me as a gift but he won't so I am just going to do it myself. Anyone want to go with me?

23.I love a good strategy board/card game.

24.In another life, I would have studied abroad and traveled the world. I love history, sociology, anthropology, and archeology. I guess you could say I have an interest in people.

25.I see things in black and white. I am trying hard not to be a "it's right or wrong" type of person even though that is the way my brain wants to process it.

Phew, now that that's off my chest. I guess we can add another one- I talk too much.

[Comments] (1) American I-sore: Who here feels so bad for Paula Abdul right now? Next to Kara DiGuarini she looks like something the cat dragged in. I would not want that job anymore if I were her. The show is a little more interesting now that there is a female brain though. Am I mean? Yes. Am I going to hell? Probably.

Sunny 9 for 2009 January

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