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[Comments] (2) And the New Year's goals are...: I am going to be better at keeping a cleaner house. I was going to say 'try', but there is no try, only do. I don't want to set myself up for failure in the beginning so I am going to be optimistic. After the marathon, I will have more energy for unfun stuff like cleaning.

My first sacrifice in keeping a shipshape house was to get 'the mess' out of the living. 'The mess' being a corner of infinite toys. Those toys drive me nuts and they keep dividing and multiplying. At night I look around the living room mess and nothing is mine. I am really no good at keeping up with 4 people's messes. Mine and everyone else's. In college with my own room, it was never messy. There was a place for everything and everything in it's place. I even did the dishes 50-75% of the time and on one Sat of the month I would usually do an overhaul on the kitchen and living area. But cleaning up after 2 Tasmanian devils and a giant child, I tend to resent the work because it gets undone so quickly and I don't get to enjoy it.

I need to get better at including Lily in the clean up and getting her excited about it and introducing it to Gunnar. I hate cleaning with them because it takes 3 times as long and I would rather get it all done fast after they go to bed than to prolong the agony. The bad thing is after they go to bed sometimes I collapse in a big puff of air on the chair and there is no moving me for awhile. Anyway, enough airing my dirty laundry...

I decided that now was the time to move Gunnar's crib into Lily room. They are roomies now. I wasn't ready to put him in a bed, I just don't want to deal with that right now. We did have Lily spend the night in Gunnar's room a couple times to try it out. The first experience was a disaster (on Lily's part) and I will leave it at that. The second was just fine, so the third night the crib went into Lily's room. Gunnar wasn't quite as excited about not being in his room as he was for Lily to be in his. He cried and kept saying "ah roooooom, ah room, ah room". Finally he settled after family prayer. I figure that a couple more days and he will hardly remember being alone. So next step is drag all the toys in the now 'play room'. Wah-la...already going to be a cleaner house.


Posted by Hailey at Mon Jan 05 2009 09:03

Ha ha giant child...

Hooray for playrooms! They are the best invention.

Posted by julie at Thu Jan 08 2009 21:18

You have done a good job thus far. Every time I went over it was looking top notch! Just remember it is easier to do a little everyday then save it all up for "when you have time".

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