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[Comments] (4) [Trackback URL for this entry] I hate goodbyes, shh...just go: So Julie and Chuck left to go back to Utah yesterday. I also took down the Christmas lights on the house; the last remnants of Christmas. Winter break has finally come to a close. I am glad Lily is back in school. Gunnar and she are friends but he is not really a worthy playmate that can stand up to her shenanigans. Once again I will say she is definitely an older sister (boss).

I miss my sis and I am bummed to think that I probably won't see her for awhile. Before she left we went to lunch at the Nordstrom's Bistro at La Cantera with mom and Chuck. Ben was very thoughtful and offered to watch Gunnar during his nap. It was an offer I couldn't refuse, and it was a wonderful afternoon to say the least. We had a great lunch and discussed many things including our latest findings on Scientology and why it is such a creepy cult. Then we strolled around the mall, made a purchase for Aaron for our anniversary coming up (let's just say he and Chuck are going to be twinners), and shared some frozen yogurt at Orange Cup. It was a fun, recharging day for a mom and I am sad to see J&C go, but they were here for 3 weeks and we got spoiled enough having them this long. Aly and family were the only ones that didn't make it home.

What a merry, pleasant, relaxing, and entertaining Christmas it was. I kinda miss it. Now onto the next thing. Anniversary on the 19th, along with MLK Jr day, a 25k race, Valentines Day, Presidents Day, and then the big race. Lots to look forward to.


Posted by Jenni at Thu Jan 08 2009 20:02

So glad you all had a great CHristmas really have lots of reasons to be excited for the upcoming months---fun stuff!!

Posted by julie at Thu Jan 08 2009 21:15

I miss you sis! I can't believe I won't be back in SA until after you have moved away :( Life can be so sad. We need to live by each other when all is said and done.

Posted by Kristen at Fri Jan 09 2009 11:45

Umm, yeah we do. Especially since Aaron has a man crush on Chuck.

Posted by aaron at Mon Jan 12 2009 08:06

. . . only if he's wearing a hat though. :P

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