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[Comments] (4) [Trackback URL for this entry] Good Eatin: Yesterday I went to eat lunch with Lily. She really wanted me to come to her school and I have been meaning to since school started, and everything fell together just right yesterday. Mom watched Gunnar at her house while he napped, and I zoomed on over. Wow, brings back memories. I had a choice between the tacos with fake meat, I totally remembered it, and two new things- baked potato with dried up ham bits and cheese that doesn't melt, and a ham and cheese wrap in a tortilla. Lily picked the tortilla wrap, cutie thing to pick, and I had the baked potato. With the cheese that doesn't melt.

The side choices were a little different except the pinto beans and corn bread. There was orange jello with bits of fruit cocktail suspended in it (Lily wanted that of course, but strangely only ate one bite), a mealy apple that was pretty gross, and I love apples. They find the oldest cheapest crap to feed to kids and it is no wonder they don't like fruit and veggies they way they serve it there. I had an iceberg lettuce salad with a tablespoon of ranch. They also had tiny bottled waters, and the good ol chocolate milk. I used to get that every time. Even for cereal in the morning. Yep, Golden Grahams with chocolate milk. I'm not surprised Lily gets the choco milk too. And of course I bought Lily the obligatory ice cream popsicle that all good moms get their kids when they come to lunch with them. It cost freakin $3.30! Holy crap, prices have gone up. Good thing Lily is on the free lunch program.

The best part is that Lily was excited to see me there, and wasn't ashamed of me at all. She has a cute class. They were like 'bye Lily's mom' when I left. My mom of course teased me and asked if Lily pretended not to know me like I did when I was in 2nd grade. Yes, I did pretend not to know my mom when she surprised me by coming to lunch. In my defense, I was very shy in elementary school and anything that brought extra attention to me was torture. I hated wearing jackets because I felt like they made me stand out more than usual. I quit ballet because the snobby girls made fun of my payless "Alf" shoes. The way mom dressed me and didn't do my hair didn't help my shyness to say the least. I hated people noticing me, so you can understand my horror when I all the sudden see my mom in the front of the line. All eyes were on me so I just walked really fast ahead of her and pretended that she was not my mom. I warmed up to her at the end of lunch when she started buying everyone chocolate bars and they were all happy to be around us.

It's all good though, she has since forgiven me. Man o man, I was a strange kid.


Posted by John at Fri Jan 16 2009 13:56

$3.30 each? Or together? If separately, boy has school lunch gone up. I swear it was $1.40 when I left school, 10 years ago.

If separate, my kids are brown bagging.

Why does Lily eat at school? I didn't know pre-school ate at school. In UT, not even kindergarten eats at school.

Posted by Julie at Sat Jan 17 2009 15:05

That story about you as a child is so heartbreaking! I feel so bad for little kristen. I loved having mom visit school and I would always beg her to come on field trips, with one condition.. I could choose her outfit.

Posted by Kristen at Sat Jan 17 2009 17:36

Yes, that is for one lunch. Lily eats at school everyday and she gets free lunch. Thank goodness, I didn't know it was that much.

Posted by Kristen at Sat Jan 17 2009 17:40

I guess I didn't answer your question as to why...she gets on the bus at 11:00, and it is a special PK bus for the 4 yr olds. PK through the school district is only for low income families or military families. They have lunch at 12:30. I don't know why but they decided to put it in the schedule, but most of the eat school lunch and I suspect most of them qualify to get it for free. I feel very lucky that Lily gets to go to PK, it is so easy for me and she loves it.

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