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[Comments] (2) [Trackback URL for this entry] What's it like to sleep on a $140 pillow?: Heavenly! That's what Aaron got me for our anniversary except he got it on sale. Atta boy! I have him trained not to buy things at full price. He also got me an Ulta gift card. And flowers. Ahh, what a sweet, sweet man. Even though we resent each other's interests (him playing Warcraft and me indulging in expensive hair products) we can still be supportive of each other's decisions (me letting him get another better gaming laptop and him getting me an Ulta gift card). Hmm, I think I am getting gypped and I need to find more expensive hobbies.

Lily was so upset when he came home with presents for me and none for her that she actually went into her closet and started bawling. Really, full on legitimate crying out of emotional pain and probably scarring. So that night while Aaron and I were out on our date he bought Lily a baby doll. That girl stole my birthday and now she wants to steal my anniversary too. : P It was cute this morning when she found her doll, she brought it into my room and was so excited. She asked if it was for her and I said that daddy bought her that present and she was like "because you and daddy got married!"

But back to my uber important pillow. Once you have slept on a fine pillow, you cannot go back. It really is quite sweet that Aaron got me a pillow because it was the first gift he bought me ever. It was for graduation, since we started dating a couple weeks before I graduated. Aaron worked for JC Penny Home Store at the time, and he won my mom over when he could carry on a conversation about thread count of sheets and could refold a down comforter and get it back into its original packaging. So I opened the gift from him, and me being the 17 yr old dingbat that I was, was all 'you got me a pillow' and he was all 'it's a $150 pillow (that I got for $50 from my sweet job hookups)' and I was all 'but it's a pillow' and I think I threw in some rolling of the eyes. Naive.

Now I stuff my dang pillow in every suitcase I pack for any trip. It is worth the space. I cannot sleep properly without my beloved pillow. I remember one time when I was living in Spokane and some friends and I went to Seattle overnight. Of course I brought my pillow along, but I absentmindedly forgot my pillow in the hotel. My stomach hurt until we got home and I could look the hotel number up and call and make sure the cleaning lady didn't take off with my $150 pillow. Luckily it was in the lost and found and they shipped it to me.

So the thoughtful gift Aaron got me about 10 yrs ago is done for. It has been demoted to "hug around the chest pillow". He got the great idea after I stole his pillow and he was getting terrible sleep. Seriously, I was getting shoulder aches and neck pain because my pillow went belly-up.

Aaron and I now have a total of 6 pillows in commission on our bed. In case anyone is wondering why I need so many pillows, it's simple. One between the legs to align my hips and back, one to hug, and one for my head. It seems I gain another pillow with each baby I carry and I can't give it up after the baby is born. Aaron is now following in my footsteps graduating up to 3 for him too.

I love me a good pillow.


Posted by John at Wed Jan 21 2009 10:29

I hug a pillow in my sleep as well. Throw pillow, though, not regular size. I wonder why that is? Susie does it too now. It's crazy how a spouse would assimilate a sleeping habit like that.

My nephew cries every time we have a family birthday party that isn't for him. I guess we all have to learn at some time that life just isn't fair.

Posted by Julie at Wed Jan 21 2009 21:12

Oh Lily...

I need a good pillow but I can't speand that kind of money on one, maybe now that I am pregnant I can give into things like that.

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