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[Comments] (3) [Trackback URL for this entry] Decisions, decisions...: Hmm, go to Enrichment tonight and learn about emergency preparedness (ie food storage) again, OR watch 3 hours of Lost? Call me crazy but I am going to be sitting on my rear with pumpkin cookies in hand watching Lost. I'm up to my eyeballs in dried beans and soup and I so don't want to be guilted more by hearing about saving money and blah blah. When you are basically living off student loans there is no saving involved. Maybe next year I will be more interested in it or even next week when Lost isn't on. I just wish every 5th Sunday and Enrichment wasn't about this. I get it is important, but people are either going to do it or not. We get it already.

*Cute note about the word decision-when I put Gunnar in time out and then go back in to get him out I always ask him what did you do wrong, and was it a good decision or bad decision, then say sorry. Gunnar is so cute because he always explains to me perfectly what he did wrong and then he will say 'bad decision'. It's a mouthful for a 2 yr old, but so precious. It is kinda bad because I almost enjoy time out because he is so dang cute.

You know what you did wrong? Ah hit sissy. Was it a good decision or a bad decision? Ah bad decision. Are you going to go tell sissy you are sorry? Ah yeah...sorry sissy. Uh hugs. Now imagine that with the cutest smile on his face. Who could be mad at a boy like that?


Posted by Julie at Fri Jan 23 2009 18:23

I love your honesty.

Posted by Susie at Sat Jan 24 2009 10:09

I disagree that savings isn't possible when living on student loans.

How old was Gunnar when you started doing this after time outs? I don't think Maggie would be able to tell me what she did wrong, even if she knew.

Posted by Kristen at Sat Jan 24 2009 21:44

Well, I just don't think we should save money that we are paying interest on. Loan interest rates are higher than savings account interest rates. We would basically be paying money to have money around, thus getting more in debt. I'm sure savings is possible though. I just don't see the benefits.

You'd be surprised at what kids know. Even if Maggie can't verbalize it I bet she could sure process it. I have always used time outs hand in hand with a talk afterward explaining why they were there. I didn't start time outs until they could kinda wrap their brain around why they were there in the first place. If anything is gets me a couple minutes to clean up the mess they made or separate Lily and Gunnar for a couple minutes from fighting.

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