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[Comments] (3) [Trackback URL for this entry] Swoosh: Today I completed another stepping stone in training to get to my goal of marathon in Feb. I competed in the Bulverde Endurathon which was 25k. That's 15.5 miles. And it was pretty chilly and windy this morning. The course was a lot harder than I thought. Lots of hills, ack! My goal was to do as well as my half marathon in terms of time per minute which was 9 minute miles for that. I pretty much blew that goal out of the water. I really surprised myself today. It helped me tons to have a running partner to push me and keep me going. I ran with my friend Jessica from the ward who is an extremely talented athlete who ran competitively in college. She just had a baby 5 months ago, c-section, and she's awesome.

Even though I felt a little blah from it being that time of the month, the wind, and the hills I completed it in 2 hrs 11 minutes 30 secs. That translates to 8min 28sec miles. For 15.5 miles. I am still in shock. And pain. I am so elated. I even checked to see what my time would have been if I were running a half marathon (and I so badly wanted it to just be that, but I had to keep going) and at that point I timed it at 1 hr 50 minutes.

I felt pretty good the whole race until mile 11 I felt it catching up with me. In case I ever want to relive the misery, because you really do forget how bad things feel for example getting pregnant again, I remember at mile 12 thinking 'I think my ankle is going to give out on me and could possibly be broken. My feet felt like I walked through burning coals barefoot. I have a blister on each pad of my foot below the big toe the size of a nickel. I just kept thinking to myself just keep going, when you finish then you can rest, pain is temporary, don't think about it. I didn't even want to talk about it with my friend Jessica, who I ran practically the whole race with but she beat me by about 45 secs, because if I even spoke about it, I would start saying to myself it's okay to slow down a little bit. That is what I think is really the crux of running is- tolerating muscle and joint pain. Breathing and heart rate you get used to, granted you have to be at some level of fitness, but you get to the point where your body gives into you and says fine, I will keep my heart rate this high without giving you crap about it, but the distance training is for your muscles, skin, and joints. Sprint training is for your pace.

I just feel like anybody could train and complete a marathon. The key word is train. A lot of people don't enjoy running. For some sadistic reason I do. In the past I liked running, I was always the first girl to complete the mile in elementary school and middle school and on the tennis team in HS until this freshman came on the team and we would go back and forth. Granted, I am far from superior. It is hard to get back into it when you stop for awhile and intimidating to try it again. But it is nice to be reacquainted with my old friend.


Posted by Jenni at Sat Jan 24 2009 22:57

COngrats!!! Grat accomplishment! Oh, I'm missing my running so bad right now...all in due time I suppose!

Posted by Jenni at Sat Jan 24 2009 22:58

whoops...I meant GREAT accomplishment!

Posted by Joe Walch at Tue Jan 27 2009 11:16

Very good. Keep up the good work and I'm sure you'll be a very active and healthy grandma.

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