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[No comments] [Trackback URL for this entry] Little Person (Don't hold your breath and feel free to take a nap if needed): Since Gunnar Boy is at the age he changes weekly, it's time for another update on his mannerisms and little personality. He has pretty much learned his colors in the past month. When he was first recognizing colors, he knew blue and pink, but everything else was pink. The boy loves pink. He and lily fight over the pink crayon kinda like the way Lily fights with Gunnar over who gets to go to bed with the vroom vrooms. I guess they just want to keep each other in check and commandeer whatever it is the other person wants. He is still a little sketchy on shades resembling pink, like red is always pink, but he is getting better. He even surprised me with some shapes. He has known circle and star for awhile but he started recognizing triangle. The reason why this is so amusing to me is 1) I am his mother and everything he does is like a Mozart opera or Michelangelo masterpiece to me and 2)This poor kid gets about a quarter of the lap time I gave to Lily when she was his age, reading books and doing puzzles and stuff. She had all the books memorized before she even turned 2. She did the whole dog and pony show whenever we wanted to show her off. Poor Gunnar doesn't get half that, but he has an older sibling. That assuages my guilt a little bit.

He calls himself "Nuh-nuh" and if you ask where's Gunnar? he will pat his face. When I get him out of his crib in the morning and set him in his highchair for breakfast (yes he is still in a highchair and I have to sit him in there first thing when he is semi unconscious otherwise he throws a fit, he will not sit for more than 30 secs if he is not in a highchair) he will sometimes request 'ah glasses on'. He is very fond of his glasses and if I take them off to clean the lenses which are often greasy and crusty, he gets upset and wants them back on.

I am sure I have mentioned this before but if I haven't it is worth noting that Gunnar has a serious Michael Jacksonesque freak obsession with gloves or 'mits' as he calls them. Preferably both, but I can usually only find one so he goes around with one stiff mitten on his hand because he doesn't ever curl his fingers with it on, making it look even more hilarious.

The boy is a Houdini. It doesn't matter what we do, he eventually figures out how to get out of his diaper in the morning. I will go in there and he will be naked from the waist down. He sees me and he will swat his leg giving himself spankings saying 'ah naughty diaper, naughty!'. Cracks me up.

He loves walking Lily to the bus stop and waiting for the bus. He will look up the street and say every time 'ah bus coming?' and then answer his own question 'no, not yet!'. Every time he sees a bus on the street it is automatically 'sissy's bus'. Across the street from the bus stop there is a house that has the most hideous frog and goose yard art. They freak Gunnar out. He will be running around playing tag with Lily and then stop in his tracks and lock eyes on the goose and wave his arms at it saying 'uh no duck, ah way. Scary duck!' Gunnar loves waving goodbye to sissy though, and while walking home he will say "ah Nemo, ah lunch, ham sandwich'. Lately he wants to watch EIO Baby Einstein though, but likes Dora and Diego too.

He is surprisingly responsive to the Diego and Dora shows. When they ask questions, like 'is this the green eyed tree frog?' 'noooo' and he usually gets it right. Lily never responded out loud to shows, just watched. His favorite song is Wheels on the Bus and Monkeys Jumping on the Bed and Swinging in a Tree. Gunnar still is the best eater out there. He LOVES salad. He will always finish it off and eats just about anything I put in front of him. The boy eats all the time. He is always asking for 'ah snack' and then will grab my hand and say 'show me, show me' and drag me over to the pantry and want me to open the door so he can show me what he wants to eat. He usually grabs about 4 bags of fruit snacks, I don't blame him, those are good, and he loves almonds. He always goes for Aaron's chips. He can never be satisfied with one thing though. 'I want raisins too.' He loves all fruit especially grapes and bananas and gets violently mad whenever we pass up any fruit in the grocery store. He usually snacks on an apple, banana, and some sort of berry before I can even leave the produce isle. And he always wants a snack before dinner, so he eats that, and he eats all his dinner. He seriously eats all day long.

When I say Gunnar gets violently mad, I mean psycho here. He has the ugliest angry scream ever. It is psycho, I am serious. He gets so intense with rage he shakes. I really hope this is just a phase. It's pretty disturbing to say the least. One time he wanted me to get him a fork instead of a spoon and his pronunciation of fork is not to well. I couldn't understand what it was he was saying b/c it sounded just like the F word, and finally he started screaming this obscenity to me in frustration until I finally realized what it was he wanted. I otta wash his mouth out.

I cannot pass the microwave or garage door opener with him in arms without him squealing 'I push it, I do it too!' He has a thing for buttons. Loves buttons. Remotes, anything with buttons. He gets so mad that he can't reach the button to roll down his window. He likes to have it down and sometimes he can get his toe on it and then he gets all excited. He also has a thing for markers and is pretty good at coloring on paper. He saw a quilt at Aaron's Uncle and Aunt's house with every Smith's hand traced in each quilt patch. Ever since he has been so fascinated with tracing his hands and my hands on paper. Kinda random, but super cute.

He adores Ashley and when he saw her again recently he said 'I missed you'. Living in a track home subdivision, there is not much variation in housing so anytime he sees a house that looks like David and Ashley's with their brick color he exclaims 'Ashley's house!'. He knows when we are on our way to Moppie's house when we make that turn onto Circle A. Once we get into mom's house he goes straight for the jellybean jar. No variation. He always gets a double handful. And goes back for seconds and thirds if he gets the chance. When Chuck was here for Christmas he taught Gunnar how to feed Rocky, the dog, food. He kept asking me for more 'ah meat' fajita meat and then would ask to 'ah hi Rocky'. So I took him outside and he kept throwing the meat at him. I couldn't figure out why he started doing that until I saw Gunnar duping Chuck into taking him outside to 'ah hi Rocky'. I then saw Chuck giving Gunnar bits of meat to throw at Rocky. It entertained him all night.

He is definitely a dentist's son. He is anal about brushing his teeth. He goes in my room every morning and climbs on my toilet to get to the toothbrushes and turn on the water and brush his teeth over and over. He never lets me put back the toothbrush so we have a graveyard of them on the floor of the car. It gets expensive supplying him with all the confiscated toothbrushes. Perhaps one of the cutest things he does, and Lily did this, he will reach up and say 'ah hold you'. He likes to do it when I am making dinner too, and then it isn't so cute. He also says 'er are you?' or 'ah sissy go?' when looking for me or Lily. Cutest words to escape lips. Not so cute when he says 'oh way' when he is shooing me away.

He is a very good nurturer though. I will often see him with one of Lily's dolls underarm or him feeding a baby a bottle. It is so precious to watch my baby, baby another baby. I love that he likes to sleep with dolls and stuffed animals too. I even caught him pretending to change one of the diapers on a doll. He is tender at heart. He'll be such a good daddy.

Dear Gunnar, All the little things you do, endear me to you. Love, Mama

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