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[Comments] (1) Dear Lily,: Stop taking craps in my toilet and not flushing. It reeks!

Love, Mom

Explain it to me: It got into the 70's today, I am wearing shorts, and now it is hailing outside. How did it get frozen? TX weather is so weird.

[Comments] (2) It's tricky: So I had a dilemma yesterday. The kids and I were out in the front yard playing while waiting for my mom to come pick us up to go get my car from the shop. There is this old lady that rides around the neighborhood in her scooter, sometimes alone, but sometimes accompanied by her looks like a pit bull. A fat pit bull. She was "walking" the dog yesterday and rode by us on the other side of the street when all the sudden our across the street neighbors' dog started barking. So the old lady's dog started off for the fence line dragging the old lady's scooter and crashing it into the curb. (The lady can walk if she wants to.) So the old lady was getting jerked off by the leash and the dog was relentless in chasing the fence line of the other dog. The old lady was getting jerk to and fro and I really felt bad for her, but I didn't know what to her and risk getting mauled by the dog or the dog chasing after my kids while trying to help out the old lady. Whose to say I could have contained him any better myself. I was back and forth and feeling really guilty I wasn't doing anything especially when the old lady tripped and fell and was practically getting dragged by the beast. I did decide to stay and protect my kids though because my first priority is keeping them safe. After all the old lady should not have a dog that she cannot control, let alone be taking it for walks in the neighborhood. I was ready to grab the kids and run in the house at a moments notice, but didn't want to leave quite yet so I could be sure she would be alright. Finally, when the lady regained composure, she grabbed the cane on the back of her scooter chair and started hitting the dog with it. Then I didn't feel bad for her so much. But at the same time what an annoying dog. So there's my story. It was really awkward and weird, and I think I played my cards right...or maybe I just missed the boat on "loving thy neighbor". I still think my mothering instincts were right.

On another different topic, it is really hard to do day to day things when you have a cut on your finger. I am so mad. I was washing out a yougurt container that had a little bit of foil top left on it, so I could toss it in the recycling. While I swiped my finger around the edge the foil sliced my thumb, and deep too. Who knew a stupid yogurt foil thing was sharp enough to cut? Thumb injuries are the worst too. You do everything with your thumb and it was sore and tender for two days. I couldn't wash my hands without it stinging and it got stiff from not being used b/c I would hold it out to the side so it wouldn't get aggravated.

Then 3 days later (yesterday) I was out doing yard work, trimming plants, pulling weeds, and racking dead matter up and I sliced my index finger on the blade of the shears. Those things are sharp. I was just tapping a stick off that was stuck on the blade and my finger barely grazed the other blade. So learn from my mistakes and don't touch the foil on a yogurt container or touch a shear in any way.

[Comments] (6) I told you so: So today Aaron stayed late at school and then went directly to the YM basketball game he had to coach for. It was perfect b/c I took my mom to pick up her car from the shop across town after Lily got off the bus, so there was not really time to get dinner going so I took the kids to Quiznos since Aaron wasn't going to be home anyway. Every time we go out to eat with the kids I swear it is going to be my last time. Now I can handle ChickFila and usually only when Aaron is with me b/c I get so stressed out with Gunnar (I had to be put in the other nursery than Gunnar b/c snack time was more than I could handle with him).

I knew I would be by myself, but I decided what the heck, I am in the mood for a torture session spending quality time with the kids. So we went into the store and usually after I get Gunnar out of the car I try to distract him so he doesn't know he is being carried. He weighs a ton but at least he is with me and not running away and leaving a wake of goods on the floor. Plus it sculpts my bicep. He of course emphatically wanted to ah walk myself. So we get in the store and Lily has to pee, so I take them in the RR and I try to keep Gunnar from touching things. I wash Gunnar's and my hands and Lily washes her own of course and discards the perfectly good paper towel I got for her to save time, so she could get one all by herself. I order and it takes them 10 yrs to make our dinner while the kids are choosing every single bag of chips and bottle of coke they have (that they put at a child's eye level, mind you). We finally sit down to eat. Gunnar refuses a high chair so he is up and down, up and down, then standing up on the chair, and then back down. He ran away from the table at least 4 times. Lily had to go to the bathroom again, this time #2, and she called for me to wipe when she was done. (Don't worry we were the only ones in the store beside the employees.) Blah, blah, blah...bottom line is it took about 40 minutes to eat.

The gist of the story is I didn't get cross with either of the kids the whole time. I am getting better at coming to the realization that Gunnar is just 2 and just because other 2 yr olds can sit through a meal doesn't mean mine can and just because I have to leave my chair several times a meal (at home or somewhere else) doesn't mean I have to get all sour and bent out of shape. No, I don't like it but I don't like being in a bad mood even more. So who cares if Gunnar leaves the table with Cheetos fingers and smears it all over our couch and carpet before I can get to him? Why stress over it and think the carpet is all ruined now and it's no good and we already need new carpet already b/c of all the spills? I have been disillusioned that my stuff is going to remain nice and it is not the end of the world. I can let things slide and not get all huffy about it.

The big deal is that I left Quiznos thinking, kids- 1, me- I refuse to play the losing game anymore. I didn't let it bug me like I used to which is a big feat for me in personal thinking. Yeah it is annoying, but I don't have unrealistic expectations like I used to, you know, like before you have kids and you know exactly how to be a good parent and handle the tough situations. Nay, you will be such an awesome parent you will hardly have to handle hard situations. For those people I will be lmao when it happens, and trust me, it will happen. Oh boy, does it happen. I just hope I can hold onto this paradigm shift.

[Comments] (2) The Friendly State: Today at Walmart I bribed Gunnar with gum. He ate all 20 pieces. There is no stopping him when it comes to gum. However, he started gagging on it even after I fished the huge wad out. He was struggling to breath but it wasn't like he was chocking either. He just had to work it through the system, whatever was making him cough.

A really nice, thoughtful lady came up to me with a bottled water for him, unopened of course. I just thought that was such a nice thing to do...I don't know if I would have done that. People just love my kids around here. Everyone is so friendly to them in the stores, especially nerdy boy Gunnar. Whose heart doesn't melt when they see his face?

We went to the Rodeo on Mon for Aaron's day off with Jake, Erin, Courtney, Mark, and the kids. It was dollar days and what is usually outrageous prices were somewhat reasonable prices. We got Lily and Gunnar cowboy hats, and Gunnar the cowboy boots he has been dying for. We had lots of food; Aaron downed 5 $1 hot dogs. The kids loved the cotton candy, and we split a "gigantic cookie" with Jake and Erin. For $8 the cookie had better be gigantic! We didn't get the deep fried Snickers bar this time...don't knock it till you've tried it.

We saw the show animals and the baby swine race. Luke didn't care for the smell in all the corrals at all. It was funny. I'm with you on that one, buddy. We also rode a few carnival rides. On the last ride we only had one ticket left so we let Lily just go. The worker looked at me and I said that Gunnar and I were just going to sit this one out b/c we were all out of tickets. She told me with a wink and a nod go ahead, it's ok, I know he's special needs, you guys can ride. I know he is special needs so just go ahead and ride. Hmm, ok, he wears glasses, not mentally handicap, but whatever, it got us a free ride. I am not offended she said that, or even know that she meant it that way or was just trying to be nice and make up a reason for us to be able to ride. It was just funny, and we got a free ride from it.

We are going to miss the state of Texas and all its friendly people and the rodeo and cowboys. Giddyup.

[Comments] (11) I feel pretty: So I was having a conversation with Ashley my SIL about Down East Outfitters and how much I LOVE their stuff, particularly their skirts. She was asking if I wanted to order something since she was putting in an order with the gift card her dad got her for Valentines Day. I am so jealous of that gift card. I was teetering on whether or not I should get something because in all honesty I have so many church clothes it isn't even funny. I told her I could mos def go to church 6 months straight and not wear the same outfit. Ashley was shocked, and the more I thought about it the more curious I got. How many outfits did I have? I counted 42 skirts or dresses (about 75% skirts). So there are 52 weeks in a year and you take 2 Sundays off for Gen Conf. That leaves you with roughly 2 months a year that I would have to wear duplicate outfits. Too bad I don't have an office job so I can dress up all the time and put those skirts too good use. It is a shame that some of my clothes only see the light of day once a year.

That was my game with myself in high school too, was to see how many times I had worn an outfit a year. I would keep count in my head, so it wasn't scientific but I think my average was wearing an outfit only like 3-4 times a school year. Of course that is just tops, I never had as many jeans and bottoms as tops. And I didn't like sharing clothes, so I never borrowed from my friends.

I don't even know what to say about it. I know it is crazy, and there is medication for what I have.

I went ahead and told Ashley to only order me one. Morale of the story is- I have a sickness a girl can never have too many skirts.

[Comments] (2) The Oscars, Hollywood, and You: Here is an article I thought was interesting food for thought:

"Whether you enjoy watching the Academy Awards or not, the yearly celebration of Hollywood’s finest at the very least provides an opportunity to reflect on the movie industry and its trends, its successes and its failures. As we examine box office totals and the Academy’s choices for 2008, the numbers provide interesting insights and some fertile ground for discussion. Take the following statistics:

* Of the five movies nominated for best picture, four are rated R and one is rated PG-13

* The average gross box office of the five movies was 50 million, skewed high by the sole PG-13 movie, Benjamin Button, which grossed nearly 123 million

* Rated R movies accounted for 50%(!) of the rated movies released last year, but only accounted for 22% of the total box office revenue

* Only 14% of the rated movies released in 2008 were G or PG, but they accounted for 23% of the total box office

* PG-13 movies accounted for a whopping 55% of the total box office gross and were 36% of the movies released

A Thirst for the Family Friendly

The numbers indicate to me that America has a thirst for movies in the “family friendly” G/PG category. I think the statistics show that people enjoy clean movies and want to see films with their families. But despite the overwhelming success of non-rated R movies, Hollywood still makes as many rated-R movies as it does all three of the other ratings combined! From a purely business perspective, sense would seem to dictate that studios need to shift resources away from the raunchy, profane, and violent. So why don’t they?

While the answer is likely complicated, the number of rated-R movies released and the Academy Award nominations may suggest that one factor is a values gap: those within the industry simply don’t share the same values, perspectives, and goals as the movie going public. The statistics demonstrate that we want more quality, clean entertainment, while some directors and studios may want to generate buzz by pushing boundaries, seeking for prestige among their peers, or releasing films that reflect their own morals and interests. What To Do?

While studios have every right to release what they want, those of us who would like cleaner, values-oriented entertainment must voice our opinions. While every industry wants to reward its innovators and visionaries and be successful, we need to send a message that more graphic sex, violence, and profanity do not innovation, a vision, or even good business sense make. Until Hollywood understands this, or perhaps until they understand us, ClearPlay will have plenty of work to do."

-Brian Fuller

[Comments] (9) Spring cleaning: Time to sell the house...we have been busy getting it ready to show. We got the carpets cleaned and I did a bunch of weeding already. On Sat we did more yard work as a family. We gathered up all the rocks (which were many and heavy), and I mowed the front yard, and Aaron degrassed the area around the trees. The kids helped by putting the rocks into the wheelbarrow. It started to sprinkle and Aaron broke the hoe and shovel so we called it good and treated the kids to Chick-fil-a for lunch for all their hard and cooperative work. (Hmm, family Sat cleaning sounds like a good tradition to start.) The food is good and they have a playground. And Luke got to come with us.

I have been cleaning out closets and rooms. I combed through clothes and toys. The thing about me is I love to get rid of stuff. It feels so good afterward to be decluttered. The thing is though that there are some things I have been dragging around with me for years I just can't bring myself to let go of. For instance my tennis skirts. I don't want to get rid of them even though I will probably never wear them again to play tennis in or anything for that matter. But they are my tennis skirts! Many matches were played and won in them, and memories made with my team mates. I have had one black skirt since 8th grade and it has held up great! I like to look at them when I see them every year or so when I dig through drawers going to give things away. They are there and I see them and it puts a smile on my face.

Or the shirt Julie made when she came to visit me my first year away from home. We went to the Backstreet Boys concert and she made me a shirt that had an iron on of the group and on the back a picture of Nick and under it saying "Nick's girl" and for herself she made one of Kevin with the same thing. Am I ever going to wear that shirt again in my life? Oh heck no! But Julie made it for me and we had so much fun that trip.

And the UCLA Bruins champ shirt that was the first old baggy night shirt Aaron gave me when we were dating to remember him by when I went to sleep. So what if it has holes in the arm pits? Speaking of holes in the armpits, the armpits have completely disintegrated in my UVSC physical ed shirt. And my In-N-Out shirt Aaron bought me while on vacation when we were dating before I even knew what In-N-Out was, has seen better days. How am I going to throw that away?

I have every letter than anyone has ever written me (including the ones from you Susie when we were like 13 and it has the pictures of you with blue hair) and wedding announcement. I've got it all. I still have the movie ticket stub of Star Wars Episode 1--the first movie date Aaron and I went on. How can I defile the memory by throwing the proof away? I have a sweatshirt that I have had since Junior year for heaven's sake. I have been dragging that thing around with me for 12 years now. It's practically an antique. I am pretty good at throwing away some things, but there are certain things my heart never wants to let go of. When I die everybody can just bury my body with trash bags of my 'stuff'.

Or maybe not...those things are in the Goodwill pile right now. *tear, tear* I guess it's the thought of moving cross country to possibly a smaller house than we currently are living it which I know is going to be old with teeny, tiny closets, forcing me into two options, drag that crap around the country with me and sleep with it stuffed under the mattress or in boxes around my bed, or get rid of it now.

Wrench. Ahh, I can't even bare to throw those things one else wants them but I must donate them and let someone else pronounce their demise.


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