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[Comments] (2) The Friendly State: Today at Walmart I bribed Gunnar with gum. He ate all 20 pieces. There is no stopping him when it comes to gum. However, he started gagging on it even after I fished the huge wad out. He was struggling to breath but it wasn't like he was chocking either. He just had to work it through the system, whatever was making him cough.

A really nice, thoughtful lady came up to me with a bottled water for him, unopened of course. I just thought that was such a nice thing to do...I don't know if I would have done that. People just love my kids around here. Everyone is so friendly to them in the stores, especially nerdy boy Gunnar. Whose heart doesn't melt when they see his face?

We went to the Rodeo on Mon for Aaron's day off with Jake, Erin, Courtney, Mark, and the kids. It was dollar days and what is usually outrageous prices were somewhat reasonable prices. We got Lily and Gunnar cowboy hats, and Gunnar the cowboy boots he has been dying for. We had lots of food; Aaron downed 5 $1 hot dogs. The kids loved the cotton candy, and we split a "gigantic cookie" with Jake and Erin. For $8 the cookie had better be gigantic! We didn't get the deep fried Snickers bar this time...don't knock it till you've tried it.

We saw the show animals and the baby swine race. Luke didn't care for the smell in all the corrals at all. It was funny. I'm with you on that one, buddy. We also rode a few carnival rides. On the last ride we only had one ticket left so we let Lily just go. The worker looked at me and I said that Gunnar and I were just going to sit this one out b/c we were all out of tickets. She told me with a wink and a nod go ahead, it's ok, I know he's special needs, you guys can ride. I know he is special needs so just go ahead and ride. Hmm, ok, he wears glasses, not mentally handicap, but whatever, it got us a free ride. I am not offended she said that, or even know that she meant it that way or was just trying to be nice and make up a reason for us to be able to ride. It was just funny, and we got a free ride from it.

We are going to miss the state of Texas and all its friendly people and the rodeo and cowboys. Giddyup.


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