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[Comments] (9) [Trackback URL for this entry] Spring cleaning: Time to sell the house...we have been busy getting it ready to show. We got the carpets cleaned and I did a bunch of weeding already. On Sat we did more yard work as a family. We gathered up all the rocks (which were many and heavy), and I mowed the front yard, and Aaron degrassed the area around the trees. The kids helped by putting the rocks into the wheelbarrow. It started to sprinkle and Aaron broke the hoe and shovel so we called it good and treated the kids to Chick-fil-a for lunch for all their hard and cooperative work. (Hmm, family Sat cleaning sounds like a good tradition to start.) The food is good and they have a playground. And Luke got to come with us.

I have been cleaning out closets and rooms. I combed through clothes and toys. The thing about me is I love to get rid of stuff. It feels so good afterward to be decluttered. The thing is though that there are some things I have been dragging around with me for years I just can't bring myself to let go of. For instance my tennis skirts. I don't want to get rid of them even though I will probably never wear them again to play tennis in or anything for that matter. But they are my tennis skirts! Many matches were played and won in them, and memories made with my team mates. I have had one black skirt since 8th grade and it has held up great! I like to look at them when I see them every year or so when I dig through drawers going to give things away. They are there and I see them and it puts a smile on my face.

Or the shirt Julie made when she came to visit me my first year away from home. We went to the Backstreet Boys concert and she made me a shirt that had an iron on of the group and on the back a picture of Nick and under it saying "Nick's girl" and for herself she made one of Kevin with the same thing. Am I ever going to wear that shirt again in my life? Oh heck no! But Julie made it for me and we had so much fun that trip.

And the UCLA Bruins champ shirt that was the first old baggy night shirt Aaron gave me when we were dating to remember him by when I went to sleep. So what if it has holes in the arm pits? Speaking of holes in the armpits, the armpits have completely disintegrated in my UVSC physical ed shirt. And my In-N-Out shirt Aaron bought me while on vacation when we were dating before I even knew what In-N-Out was, has seen better days. How am I going to throw that away?

I have every letter than anyone has ever written me (including the ones from you Susie when we were like 13 and it has the pictures of you with blue hair) and wedding announcement. I've got it all. I still have the movie ticket stub of Star Wars Episode 1--the first movie date Aaron and I went on. How can I defile the memory by throwing the proof away? I have a sweatshirt that I have had since Junior year for heaven's sake. I have been dragging that thing around with me for 12 years now. It's practically an antique. I am pretty good at throwing away some things, but there are certain things my heart never wants to let go of. When I die everybody can just bury my body with trash bags of my 'stuff'.

Or maybe not...those things are in the Goodwill pile right now. *tear, tear* I guess it's the thought of moving cross country to possibly a smaller house than we currently are living it which I know is going to be old with teeny, tiny closets, forcing me into two options, drag that crap around the country with me and sleep with it stuffed under the mattress or in boxes around my bed, or get rid of it now.

Wrench. Ahh, I can't even bare to throw those things one else wants them but I must donate them and let someone else pronounce their demise.


Posted by Jenni at Sun Feb 22 2009 14:57

As soon as all that stuff makes it's way out of your house and to the goodwill you'll never care me! I LOVE getting rid of things!!!

Posted by rachel at Sun Feb 22 2009 15:38

take pics of all of it before you give it away, it helps to ease the guilt

Posted by John at Sun Feb 22 2009 16:11

Oh, Rachel beat me to the punch. That's what I did with all my nostalgia once my parents insisted it leave their house. A digital image of those shirts would still bring back all the memories, and take up less space. Plus, you can add the story of each item with the picture in the "digital memorabilia."

Posted by Susie at Sun Feb 22 2009 16:25

Are you including your tennis skirts in the total?

I have a letter from you, it must have been 7th grade, detailing what makeup you were allowed to wear, including what color MK eye shadow.

Posted by Sumana at Mon Feb 23 2009 07:19

Yeah, pictures are nice, as are scrapbooks to organize old ticket stubs and stuff.

BookMooch and Freecycle are great for getting rid of books, toys, and stuff like that while making sure it goes to a good home.

And do you remember when we were talking about cost-per-wear charts?

Posted by Kristen at Mon Feb 23 2009 22:52

Yes, I do remember that post. I mentioned the gist of it to my father in law about a particular fleece he always wore, and how low his cost per wear ratio was. I don't think he got it.

Posted by melissa at Tue Feb 24 2009 08:26

wait! have you already chucked/donated the tshirts?!
if not, you could, if you think you'd REALLy do it, is create a tshirt quilt. My mom made one for me with all the t-shirts that were special to me, and I love it! It is like a picnic blanket quilt, but all she saved from each one is the front or the side little image, or the main part you think is important.
I thought it was cool, and everytime we pull it out, I love it and laugh about how I wore that neon pink Mini Mouse tshirt EVERyDAY for a while... things like that. So, if you think that would happen, you go girl. But if not, send them on for someone else to love. I am STILL in the process of decluttering and all that jazz!
Doesn't it feel good, though?!

Posted by Susie at Tue Feb 24 2009 09:15

John and I were just remembering cost-per-wear as well.

Posted by Alyson at Sun Mar 01 2009 13:11

Not the tennis skirts!?!?

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