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[Comments] (4) [Trackback URL for this entry] Work horse: I've been work, work, working like a crazy person all week to get our house in shipshape. Our house is finally on MLS. Now I just need to finish the yard to have it presentable to potentials. Sigh. I am sooo glad we will be renting this next time around. I don't want to go through this again anytime soon, especially in a terrible housing market. Incidentally, Obama is giving away 8 grand for free to first time home buyers, you know, so there is more of a reason for people who can't afford to buy homes, to get a home. It's all good, maybe they can buy my house, it's going real cheap.


Posted by fact checker at Fri Mar 06 2009 10:26

FYI Bush signed into legislation the $8K, not Obama.

Posted by Kristen at Fri Mar 06 2009 12:22

Last time I checked it was part of a bill Obama signed after Bush left office. It was originally supposed to be for 15k but in order to compromise with Republicans it was lowered.

Next time you comment, don't hide behind anonymous petty insults.

Posted by Susie at Fri Mar 06 2009 21:01

While I don't see that comment as insulting, it is wrong. Bush signed similar legislation into law for 2008, but this was more like an interest-free loan that must be repaid.,,id=186831,00.html

Posted by John at Sat Mar 07 2009 11:06

My apologies, that first comment was mine. And it was not politically motivated. It is tax movitated. In 2007, Bush signed into law a $7,500 refund on your 2008 tax return that acts an interest free loan, payable in $500 installments over the next 15 years. And what happens when the money is spent and the taxpayer can't pay it back? Probably nothing.

Then Obama comes along and makes it an outright gift and ups the amount to $8,000. So now the IRS doesn't have to track people down.

But my point is, both of them felt they had a vested interest in keeping the housing market afloat. Otherwise, people like you, Kristen, get the shaft because everyone will wait until deflation hits rock bottom to buy a home (who buys anything when prices are falling?) and then where does that leave people like you that have to move?

My point was not to be rude, so I apologize. But it's extremely unfair to characterize Obama as a socialist when Bush did something substantially similar.

Is it fair? No. But I don't think the EIC is fair either, and as I recall, your family has benefitted from welfare. Life just isn't fair, especially when we look at it through our personal perspectives.

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