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[Comments] (5) Pamper me: I think I might have opened Pandora's box here. Today, after ample amounts of yard work, I had to go to the store. Lily begged to come, and it's hard saying no when you feel so flattered that someone wants to spend time with you that bad. As I looked down to put my flip flops on I shuddered at my feet. My poor feet. I needed a pedicure, stat. The wheels started turning and I thought, why not take Lily with me to get a pedicure.

At first I just thought she would sit next to me and we could have some girl time, but I remembered this place did have these little chairs made just for little girls. I thought, why not? Maybe Lily will be turned into a spoiled brat b/c she is getting pedicures as a 4 yr old, time will tell. But we sat in our chairs side by side and hung out. She didn't know what to think about the water at first, and she was a little squirmy. Not as relaxing as I would have liked. It was cute the way she picked her nail polish color. At first sight she went straight for the pink with sparkles. I tried to distract her with other colors b/c the one she wanted would be see through and boring. She finally settled on this ruby red sparkly one. It is really pretty actually, but I went with a hot pink/orangish since it is spring here in San Antonio. It's been hot enough anyway.

When Lily saw the guy cutting back my cuticles she kept telling me she didn't want that. Tell them not to do that to my feet, I don't want that, it will hurt lol It was a fun mother daughter thing even though I think I have created a monster. Hopefully she won't think pedicures are normal to have often or that they are a right. Four is pretty young, but she was pretty darn cute to look at in the little chair right there with me getting her feet and legs massaged. Such little legs. It kinda bugs me that I can't understand a word that the salon people say to me, plus they speak so quietly and I am hard of hearing. I would really love a hearing test b/c I honestly think some of my hearing is gone. I really would like to know what they are saying instead of just nodding and smiling. I think it is crazy that they talk to each other across the room and they can understand each other even though they speak so quietly. I just wondered if anyone else thought that was strange. But the lady that was doing Lily's asked if she wanted her fingernails painted. Of course she wanted them painted, she's 4, but for $10 more, I will paint them myself. Sheesh! Ask the parent next time. I didn't hear her and when I realized she was painting her nails, it was too late. Oh well, they are pretty darn cute though. Little Lily, Miss Priss.


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