Sunny 9 for 2009 March 14 (entry 0)

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rootinest, tootinest cowboy: Gunnar's current obsession has fallen from Finding Nemo, to EIO- or any Baby Einstein, now to Toy Story 1 or 2 or "Woody" as he calls it. Before it was- walk into the door and he would say ah Nemo/EIO and now it's ah Woody. He's hooked. I asked who was his favorite buzz or woody, and he said buddy! He is a song and dance man too, Gunnar loves to sing-along to "You've got a friend in me". So cute. He also gets really upset when in the second Toy Story when the toys are crossing the street and the semi wrecks and the big cylindrical concrete tube rolls off the truck and rolls over the piece of gum, he goes "ah no, no, no mommy no, ah gum". I have to calm him down and tell him the gum is not hurt. Or maybe it is just cause he doesn't want to see gum getting wasted. He loves gum.

Some other things I love to hear Gunnar say are tookie (cookie), tisses (kisses), me, I do! (when you ask who wants...), oh man!, tos (because), how bout..., sandwich, show me (when he wants to show me something or have me get something for him), and my all time favorite- ah hold you (when he wants me to hold him). Lily did this too, and I am sure most toddlers do. I asked him the other day when he was getting into my drawer 'what are you doing?' and he goes stuff... He's a clever one.

When I am reading a book to him, and he sees something creepy, like spiders, he goes no ah get me as he pats his chest. Then I reassure him that they won't get him, that they are nice and he goes ah nice, ah nice spiders, and he might throw in a kiss for good measure. He has started sitting at the table for meals too, and been pretty good about it. He sits still way longer than in the past. Such a big boy. We've been playing Sardines with the kids lately and Gunnar is very cutie. It's good practice for him to count. After we are done counting he goes ah check here, no not here, shh!, check, I found you.

The days of sharing a room and no more. We moved the crib back into Gunnar's room. He was so upset that guess what he finally did the first night back into his room? He climbed out of his crib for the first time. He actually learned to climb out of the port-a-crib while at Ashley and David's a couple weekends ago for the marathon, but this is the first time he has done it in the big crib. He did great in a big bed after that for 2 times, a nap and a bed time, but then all the sudden he was terrified to sleep in the big boy bed again. He freaked out and he said it was "not safe". So he won't sleep in a twin. He leaps into his crib. So now we lowered the bar so he can easily get in and out of the crib on his own, hopefully transitioning to a regular bed soon. It's better this way though, Lily and Gunnar separate. I am so glad that is over. We gave it a good 2 months. Oh well. Maybe when we move and have bunk beds, the kids will share better.

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