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[Comments] (2) What daddy does: I still don't think the kids comprehend what Aaron does all day. So when we went to the dentist yesterday there was some apprehension. Lily wanted Gunnar to go first but they had her. She took one look at the dental chair and clung to my leg. I finally had to put bawling Gunnar down (he was offering up some sympathetic cries on her behalf) so I could man handle her into the chair. She became relaxed after they gave her cool sunglasses to put on and let her hold the mirror. She started laughing when they brushed her teeth, saying it tickled. And when they gave her the treat bag she was in heaven. She said it was fun and wanted to go again.

When she was younger, the past 2 times she has been to the dentist, she was awesome, no problem whatsoever. Gunnar on the other hand has always been the sensitive type. He was afraid of water the first year of his life, so a trip to the dentist sent him into pathetic cries. I had to hold down his arms but the helpful thing about his crying the whole time, his mouth was wide open and you could see everything. Wouldn't you know, he is teething and I had no idea. He is getting his two year molars in on all sides. I never see that far back in his mouth but after this, he will have all his baby teeth. Gunnar is not a baby anymore. He loved his treat bag too of course. He didn't actually stop crying until we left. I loved the snuggles though. After he was done, he wrapped his arms around my neck and didn't let go. What can I say, I love hugs.


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