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[Comments] (3) Oedipus complex: So the other day Aaron was giving me a big hug, and Gunnar comes up and goes Hey! My mommy! No Daddy, no! Ah my mommy! As he was shoving Aaron away, he was clinging to my leg and hugging my leg while pushing on Aaron's leg. Guess someone has some competition in this house. haha Maybe he will say he wants to marry me when he grows up like Ethan did to Hailey. I still chuckle about that.

I can't say how much fun it is to have a sweet little boy like Gunnar. I just love him. I will sometimes say Who's my baby? And he'll say- ME! Who does mommy love? ME! Go out and get you a Gunnar b/c seriously, they are aDorAbLe!

*We went to a car wash that was pirate themed and ever since then he keeps asking to go back to the yar! car wash. He loves car washes now which is strange considering he was terrified by them a few short months ago. Every morning when we get in the car he has something to say about going to a car wash.


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