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[Comments] (1) [Trackback URL for this entry] Sweet escape: We packed up for a few days and headed to Port Aransas for Aaron's spring break. What a trip. We stayed in this condo that had nice amenities with the Jessops. The weather was not hot enough for me or anyone else for that matter, to brave the ocean. We just went for walks along the shore and the kids had fun searching for sea shells. We were able to take advantage of the pool and hot tub. As for me, one who like scorching showers, I stayed with my kin in the hot tubs.

No one got burned or stepped on a fish bone thank goodness. The only casualties were sleep deprivation due to Lily and Gunnar sleeping in our room with us and maybe a little bit because the adults stayed up late and playing games. I loved playing games, Melissa and Tim are fun ones to play with b/c we have mutual interest in them. The kids staying in our room was not so much fun. Gunnar found it entertaining to wake up every couple hours and wanted to play and goof off with us. It's not so cute at 3 AM. I know he does this every night since he did the same thing to Lily when they shared a room. I think I wrote a post about how he was screaming at her to get up at 5AM one morning and I heard Lily grunting and finally waking up enough to say Gunnar! IF YOU DON'T BE QUITE I AM GOING TO HIT YOU!" It made me laugh. Anyway, he was up to his old tricks (something I am sure he just goes back to sleep for when he is alone) plus both of them woke up at 6AM sharp each morning. Also, not fun.

It was nice to relax and have nothing else on the agenda except whatever we felt like. Upon getting home I felt so sick. I am sure it was from eating at greasy spoons for every meal of the trip practically. One too many fish and chips. We had to take advantage of the seafood being right on the coast. We went to Snoopy's and Moby Dick's for dinner. Very good but I am so done with grease for awhile.

It's nice to be back and still have time to enjoy more days with Aaron home. After his break he has 4 weeks left of school. You don't even know how trippy that is! 4 years and now all we have is 4 weeks. I hope it goes by fast. I hate to think of all we have to do before we move. So much is out of our control and I hate that. I want to be able to take charge and work things out. I don't like these sort of life lessons.

The kids totally crashed early and I am so excited to sleep in my own bed and not have to wonder what the dark stains on the carpet are from. Gunnar had a funny melt down after Aaron but his aah-at (what he calls his blankey) in the washer. He had such a conniption it was almost laughable. He finally stopped but then when I went to dry it, he remembered his loss and didn't settle down until it was finished drying. Not enough naps for him.

Good times, but next time I am going to leave the beach trips for dead of the summer, not spring break.

PS Julie is having a girl!! Crazy thing is, we both like the same girl name and we didn't know it until now. And it is not that common so the taste must be in the genes.


Posted by Louise at Thu Apr 02 2009 15:24

Four weeks left! Woh. That's almost unimaginable.
I'm glad you had fun on your trip. We ended up going to Enchanted Rock earlier in the week, but we'll be up for going again some time (even soon) since we bought a Texas State Parks pass for the year. Another family campout would be fun, but if not, at least a hike or two before you leave. Let us know when you're available.

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