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Not-so-eventful events: I finished a survey study today for pull-ups for Gunnar. I got $65 for participating in the survey and free pull-ups for the week. Pretty good deal if you ask me. All I had to do was have Gunnar wear them which I do anyway. Diapers that is, but he loved the new Cars pull-ups. No potty training on the horizon. He only told me once the whole time that he had "cold pull-ups" on. (They feel cold when you pee.)

I've just been getting things done around the house and doing some closing tasks. I will be relieved to hand over the key and be done with it. Just glad the work will be over, really. I actually teared up when I found out our house was going to belong to a stranger. I didn't want other people in my house and sleeping in my room. After all, it will always be mine/ours.

My body is over daylight savings. It is about time. I can wake up around when the kids wake up with not too much protest from my body. That's good.

I won a cute accent tray from a Southern Living party last night. I love free stuff.

And some eventful news, Jared and Cherie, Aaron's cousin, and her kids are coming to stay with us as they vist SA and Sea World tomorrow. We are excited to play with them.


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