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[Comments] (6) It's official: Aaron is heading home from his last day of clinic. He is now Dr. Aaron Smith. I am a Dr.'s wife. teehee He still has the WREB to pass so he can officially practice on patients, but right now he has his DDS earned with blood, sweat, and tears. His patients blood, Aaron's sweat, and my tears.

Aaron's group leader, Dr. Hill, told Aaron that he has the best hand skills in the whole group. He said even though he is not totally on the ball, organization-wise, he said those people don't necessarily make the best dentists. You don't have to tell me that he has great hand skills, heh heh. (I'll wait for you to come back from the bathroom vomiting.) But it was very gratifying and sweet to hear that, especially after feeling like Aaron cannot plan his way out of a paper bag sometimes. (Don't think I am mean, he'll tell ya.) I've always known Aaron is talented, and I believed in him even though we were scared spitless at BYU wondering if we were ever going to make it here. He hates school!! For his professor to endorse him as one of the best dentists in his year, I find that a big payload. Here's to Dr. Smith!! You rock, babe!


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