Sunny 9 for 2009 April 22 (entry 0)

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[No comments] [Trackback URL for this entry] Sunshine on my sholders makes me happy: In honor of earth day, I am going to enjoy the sun and weather out by my mom's pool. I *heart* the earth. Especially spring time. It's a great day to be alive.

I have to say that Lily has said some pretty funny things lately. She refused to wash her hands claiming that she is allergic to water. But mom, I am allergic to water. As I drag her kicking into the bathroom. She got that from me when I told her Aaron is allergic to cats after she begged to get one. She also fell and scrapped her knee pretty deep at recess yesterday. It is the kinda cut that it hurts to walk on b/c it is so tender, and she was limping around. When I saw it I gushed you poor thing, oh Lily, are you ok? And she said It's ok, I didn't cry. I was very brave, mom.

Also, she drew a picture on the magna doodle and was like Look mom, it's our family. (There were 4 bodies in the picture) But that's not Gunnar. He's not in the picture. That's my new baby sister. Now I have to clarify I am not pregnant, but Lily keeps telling people I am pregnant and that I am having a baby in the summer. Whenever we go to Target or Old Navy she asks to get an outfit for Emerson. She's got something right, if we have another girl I told her we will name her Emerson (which could change whenever), but she honestly thinks we are having a baby sister for her and she asks when she is coming all the time. Not for awhile sweet pea, sorry. Poor Gunnar though, he is on Lily's bad side right now. Most the time they play great, but every now and then...

Gunnar, too, has said some quips. Mommy Sir!, when he is angry with me or trying to get my attention. I'm pretty sure it derived from me reprimanding him by saying No Sir! Another crack up is when he is very upset he goes Never, ever, ever again! Never, ever! I think he is telling me to never do whatever I am doing to upset him again. It is hard to take seriously, and oh so funny.

Happy Earth Day!

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