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[Comments] (2) Convos with Aaron: Aaron and I were outside pulling weeds from the garden and I said I sure hated that when you pull weeds it turns your fingers and hands green.

Aaron: That's why it's called green thumb.

Me thinks: Oh, so that's why. I thought it was because you want to keep your plants green.

Even funnier--listening to Aaron's one sided conversations with his buddies while playing WoW. He is such a dork! Now grab the sacred staff. I need res...heal, heal, quick heal me. Oh man, that battle was epic. Summon again. Pretty sure a game where you have "mounts" named fiery war-horse you are pretty 5-star LAME! During his raids I just picture him as a 14 yr old pimpled face dork in his parents basement playing games. Kinda like Bill Haverchuck in Freaks and Geeks.


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