Sunny 9 for 2009 April 30 (entry 0)

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Animal lovers: We have a neighbor kitty that takes naps in our backyard in the same spot. It frequently visits us and my kids get really excited to see it. Gunnar is surprisingly kind and gentle with it. He loves to go and say hi and pet it when it lets him. Sometimes he will try and feed grass to it. It is very sweet that he likes animals. We all know he didn't get that from me. Although I liked our cats when we first got them, I grew out of the animal thing when I became more aware of smells and dirty hands feeling.

Lily asked me what the point on the unicorn's head was called. I told her it was a horn I guess, but it was just pretend anyway, because unicorns were not real. She argued, they are real because they are nice, and nice things are real. Only mean things are not real. I like that kind of selective acceptance. Like the nice unicorns in movies are real but the mean antagonists (witch/monster) don't exist. I too take on this philosophy. When eating a sweet, the calories consumed are only what it says on the box, regardless of serving size...yes please, I'll have another. And we all know that treats eaten on the Sabbath don't count altogether.

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