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[Comments] (2) May Day: Mi-chelle, ma belle, Sont des mots qui vont très bien ensemble très bien ensemble. Happy 22nd birthday, Michelle.

Today was eventful. This whole week has been pretty busy actually. I thought I would be ushering in my 30's with a new van. It turns out that our little sedan, the one I bought in college, is not what it used to be. I would have loved more than anything to drive it until #3 made it's debut. It has been a cheeky fellow and picking and choosing when it wants to start. I am done paying for repairs.

So Aaron and I did our homework and decided to go with a new white Hyundai Entourage. It's got everything and we got it super cheap. We just got it this morning in from Nebraska. They literally only had a handful of the Limited ones left in the United States. It exceeded expectations in real life. I mean it is a minivan, but a pretty sharp looking minivan. I am already feeling regretful about the dvd player b/c I don't believe my kids need to watch any more TV than they already do and that, of course, is their favorite part.

Lily has called the seat in the back as her own. Gunnar wishes he could be back there but the point was easy in and out, not mom crawling over seats to buckle kids in. I know, I'm mean. It is fun to drive and I am still getting used to the buttons and gadgets. For example when I am reversing, it started to beep at me when I was getting close to the curb. Pretty cool. And anytime it is in reverse the mirrors point down so I can see stray children and whatnot. Pretty neat safety features. I can't wait to know what does what like the back of my hand b/c it is not easy to figure it out while driving.

Gunnar had an eye appointment this afternoon as well. Everything looks good, but he didn't dilate his eyes. He said to wait until sept to measure his eyesight again. I said "I really hope it doesn't get worse" and the Dr said "it will". Nice manners. I guess if Drs can't be honest, then who can I suppose. Aaron has the WREB tomorrow and Sunday. I hope everything goes as planned. Also, we close on our house a week from today. Pretty crazy stuff happening in the next little while.


Posted by John at Fri May 01 2009 19:38

That's too bad about your Sedan. I thought it looked like a pretty nice car. I still have my Ford from college and fully expect it to last 3-4 more years. I hope I'm not unreasonable in my expectations. Enjoy the minivan!

Posted by melissa w at Fri May 01 2009 20:01

congrats on the new car!! i just google searched it and saw a picture of it! AWESOME! you slick family, you!

good work. i love that you have a fun van!

maybe we can cruise in it before you go. girl's night... in your van. sounds like a party and a half!

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