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[Comments] (2) We have arrived: WREB is officially over. Aaron thinks he passed. I guess they let us know for sure before graduation. So last night we went to mom's for Michelle's birthday dinner. My mom is the best cook, hands down. She made awesome mahi mahi, salmon, mango chutney, coconut lime rice, crusted pecan feta salad, asparagus and peppers, and chocolate cake and as an appetizer hummus and pita chips. It was one of my favorite meals.

Aaron joined us at the tail end after he finished the exam. What a relief. I feel exquisite! Aaron and I stayed up late chillin with Julie who is in town. it is fun to see her and I love patting her pregnant belly! We stayed up way too late, and for some reason I couldn't sleep when I went to bed. Probably bc I took a nap.

This morning I took advantage of Aaron being home all day and went on a run outside. It was such a nice morning. I enjoyed being by myself. I love where we live and that in one direction we can get right to stores and conveniences, and in the other direction is a calm road with cows 8 feet from the road. Country and city, that's how I like it. Here's to a 2 month long vacation!


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