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[Comments] (4) Nation's capital: We are house hunting in DC now. We think we found a good match. Aaron wanted something close to's just not feasible here. Our realtor says (commuting) it's just a way of life around here. It's not too bad though. About 25 minutes without traffic and 45 with. That is old news since that is how it was in San Antonio. Aaron just needs to be one with his ipod and some good audio books.

So it's south of downtown in Waldorf, MD. It is in a very nice community with a hiker/biker trail, 'lake', tennis courts, swimming pool, 'tot lot' playground, and near shopping and conveniences. A huge plus, the school is great and within a couple blocks of the house. Overall, I love it. Especially going into it with the notion that everything is teeny and super expensive, close together and crowded. Not the case at all in this town. It's a 4 bed 2.5 bath, two car garage, hardwood floors in the downstairs. It is pretty new, built in 2003, and we have a good deal of money left from our housing allowance to pay for bills and help out with other expenses. We feel very fortunate.

I do feel sorry for Aaron's commute, but that's DC for ya. Seriously, there was nothing safe near the base. I flat out told him we would not be living in one house...he agreed.

We even had some time to get in some sites. Very exciting stuff. Looking forward to being east coasters.


Posted by Jenni at Wed May 27 2009 01:43

COngrats on finding a house! That's half the battle of moving! It sounds awesome--can't wait to see pictures!

Posted by melissa w at Wed May 27 2009 10:08

i agree with jenni, I can't wait to see some pictures! your house sounds SOOO neato!!

man, we're gonna miss you guys!!

Posted by Courtney Ellis at Wed May 27 2009 15:45

Yeah for finding a house! it's going to be so much fun for you guys there!

Posted by Joe Walch at Wed May 27 2009 17:31

We'll come visit you guys this Summer or perhaps next February. D.C. would be a really fun place, and you'll probably still be there when Romney is sworn in as President;o)

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