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To die for: I haven't had much time to blog lately. Super busy with the move and all that entails. Getting medical records, change of addresses, registering the car-huge headache, last minute appointments. Aaron and I were able to steal away on a date though. David and Ashley wanted to hang with the kids. They took them to Chuck E Cheese. (Their favorite place in the whole world. Lily talks so much about her past and future birthday party there, now Gunnar is asking for "uh my birthday party at Chuck E Cheese.") They also took them to Build A Bear. Gunnar got the cutest bear with glasses! that he named "super boy" and Lily got a ballerina bear. They're spoiled rotten by them.

So with a free babysitter, Aaron and I went to Melting Pot. We got a gift certificate there from some super nice person (Jenni!! oh my gosh, thank you!) for Aaron's graduation. It was great. I seriously love that place. It is very delicious and not the worst thing for you...cheese is cheese and chocolate is chocolate, but the main course and salad are quite low fat. I enjoy myself immensely when I go there. It was awesome and a great treat to a crazy day. We then went to Academy to spend the rest of the money I have on a gift card. I don't think they have any Academy's where we are going so I had to use it up.

I am pretty tired, not much sleep going on here with Gunnar kicking down the door at 6AM. I'm waking up early for my last long run with my dear running bud Nancy. :(

Waldorf, Naptown, worldwide. What?: We're here. We took our time getting here, four days. It was pretty uneventful, which is good. I didn't want any drama since I drove in the minivan the whole way here by myself with the kids while Aaron drove the truck. I thought early on that we might make a road trip out of it and go to Nashville and see some other sites, but when all was said and done and the movers had taken our stuff, I just wanted to be done with it. Moving is stressful and so not fun. Especially when you clean your place really good and you get to your new place and it is kinda gross. Not that it was filthy, but other people's dirt is not doable for me.

We finally got internet so that's good. The gas company was being a huge pain b/c there was a balance left on the house when the other renters were evicted and didn't pay the bills. They wanted me to come into the office in DC to show our lease and id's. We finally got a minute today to do that. Cold showers are painful, I tell ya. While trying to find the gas company building I asked guys working on the power lines where it was. The man was like girly, you should not be on this side of town. You have the wrong texture skin if you know what I mean. You need to be really careful and hold your stuff close to you because these people will take it if you know what I am saying. Be careful. Don't even come here at night. It didn't seem that scary in the daytime, but it was in a poor neighborhood you could tell. I was the only white person in sight. It's kinda different being the only white people at the play ground or whatever. Lily made her first friend. She's a cutie girl in the neighborhood.

The kids have said some pretty cutie things lately. When we got to our house and Lily tried the door she was like gasp, maybe Barack Obama is in there. She knows very well we are living near DC where the Pres of the USA lives, and she takes it literally. She gets really excited when she sees his picture and told her teachers before we left that she was going to live in DC where BArack Obama lives.

Gunnar was so hilarious when the movers were packing our things. He heard one of the ladies ask me if we wanted to take the pillows with us or if we wanted them to take them. When I told her to pack them, Gunnar shouted No! ah my mommy's pillows. Not yours. He thought they were taking all our stuff away. When I took the kids into the house one last time to say goodbye after it was all empty, Gunnar walked into his room and busted out in tears. He said Where'd my room go? I love my room. I want it. Ah where'd it go? Same with his blankets they packed- but I love my Cars blanket, I want it. Or I need my cars, I love my cars.

I thought I would only give a quick update. There is still a lot to unpack and I thought I would just be quick, so I will have to write more later.

PS The a/c was broken when we got here, and although it is not as hot as texas, quite nice weather actually, it is still too blasted hot for no a/c when you are moving boxes around. I am glad we got that fixed today too.

[Comments] (5) A note on Gunnar's new bed: Since the move, Gunnar has been sleeping in a big boy bed. I thought he might not be into it since before the move he would cry and say it was too scary. He didn't want to sleep in a crib but also wasn't into a bed, so he agreed to sleep on the crib mattress on the floor. It worked well, we'd often find him on the ground when we would check on him but whatev.

We decided not to take the crib with us, so as the old adage goes, out of sight out of mind. He hasn't asked about it at all. He accepted his bed without protest. So that's that. I looked around for cute bedding to go in his room. Here I was on Pottery Barn browsing, not really into spending that much. Then we were at the BX. Gunnar spotted some Cars sheets. So hideous, but he grabbed them and put them in the cart. When I tried to put them back, he screamed no, my Cars sheets, I want em! while clutching them to his chest. How could I say no? It is his room anyway. I couldn't take it if he brought it up in his 30's at a family reunion saying yeah, I remember the time when all I wanted was Cars sheets and you never got them for me. So he won. We bought the eye sores. He is so cute with them too, it was worth it. Plus, the hit on the pocketbook was a fraction of what we would spend on cute sheets. Also, David and Ashley already bought him a large Cars fleece blanket so it's a set. Done deal. Boy is happy so I am happy.

[Comments] (2) I like, I love: I like the new gym I found. Nothing will compare to Spectrum. Of course it is a lot cheaper. You get what you pay for.

I LOVE Bob Evans. I know I am weird for loving IHOP. What can I say, I LOVE pancakes. For me, it's like eating dessert for breakfast. Bob Evans is SO much better than IHOP. I think it is an East Coast chain b/c I have seen it in FL too while visiting Aly. They've got great salads as well.

I like the cooler weather. I can't say I love b/c from what I hear, it has not yet gotten into "Summer heat". It's hot and humid here in the summer too. It's just that Summer doesn't last as long. So in that, I LOVE the short summer. (I know I will HATE the long winter. I like my winters to be broken up into 2-3 weeks excellent weather, with one week cold weather, SA style.)

I LOVE all the trees. You can tell the trees are truly native and not planted by the first settlers of the area. They're huge. And GREEN, and gorgeous. I can't wait for Fall when they all change colors!

I like that Waldorf is smallish and that I have almost figured my way around most of it, or at least what I need to know about it.

I LOVE Ikea. We have already been once and made a few furniture purchases that were needed, and I love that it is within a reasonable distance.

I like my new ward. I have only been once, and can't say that it was love at first sight, but I think I like it.

I LOVE BJ's Wholesale. It is literally 3 minutes from my house (as is the mall, yay). It is like Sams or Costco-except not as good in some things, and they have cheap gas. I like that I can fill up right by my house and not have to plan trips in that area for fill up. Plus, the best part is they accept ebt. We have a little left over and we are needing it since Aaron has no pay check until Aug.

I like that I am a resident of Maryland. Sounds exotic to me, though it is not, exotic. I will say that I am glad we are only going to be here a year. Not even a month and I feel isolated. Mainly because I have no friends yet, except a girl named Stephanie that I talked to at church and bumped into at my gym. Score! We have had our first visitors (Joe and Louise) so that is good. Keep em coming. I miss everyone!

Me no likey things.

I don't like that when people get in accidents here, which seems to be like everyday, they pretty much camp out in the spot and don't move until everything is taken care of. Once they blocked off a whole entire light (all 4 lanes) and just made everyone wait. Get the heck on the side of the road people and cops. No wonder there are traffic jams here.

Next one, traffic. Part of life here. Hasn't been too atrocious...yet.

GPS. You suck Mr. GPS. Get your crap together and rub a couple measly satellites together once in awhile, will ya? A girl can not be going to the airport and not have satellite reception for 10 minutes. I NEED to know these things. They are vital, that's why I bought you. And don't tell me wrong streets to turn on in downtown. I swear, you would think 2 yr olds are sending the GPS directions. Haha wouldn't it be funny if I made them take a right, then the next right, then the next right, then the next? Going in circles is fun! not!

I don't like the busy season. It will be nice to go downtown when there aren't a lot of people.

My wireless is spotty here. Might be the provider, Verizon, but it is supposed to be the best. It's fiber optics. And we ordered regular cable- just your basic channels, nothing special. We only get one major network. This is probably nationwide since the switch to digital, but I am mad. I am paying for channels I don't even get and I have to pay more to get a box to be able to get them. It's not like we have old tv's either.

Renting sucks, I feel bad calling the landlord about all the kinks that need to be fixed that you find out after living in the house. I shouldn't feel bad b/c it is his responsibility to fix it, I just hate putting people out. I liked having a new house that had nothing wrong with it, and if something did go wrong, we would just fix it. No calling, no waiting. At least he is a nice landlord.

Things are freakin spensive! (I know, I need to stop using crude language, but I like it. Gunnar saw a pic on a billboard of a frog, one with the red eyes variety and Gunnar goes "look! a freaky frog". Must stop using bad language in front of children.) Gas is comparable, slightly higher than in TX, but my trash service is $40 a month! I paid around $60 for 3 months in TX. Generic hair cuts are $16 not $12. Ben and Jerry's is like yowza! Luckily groceries I can get at the base (I paid a dollar fifty for a gallon of milk thankyouverymuch) but they really get you in other things. I like this house and all, but if I was not in the military and having to pay out of pocket for housing I would not live on the east coast. It's great and all, but so is TX and it's so cheap. Plus it has my peeps there.

That's the story so far.

[Comments] (1) gone 'n done it: Upon Lily's discovery that her father had shaved his head (not bic'ed, there is a difference) she goes daddy! why's your hair all dead? Why is it not coming back again? She knows a few bald people, and I think Lily thought Aaron was going bald. Although, I don't know why b/c all of Aaron's hair was showing still, just really short.

The shaved head is just a temporary thing. It's not b/c he has to wear it that way. All the while Aaron's dad was in the military you could never tell by his hair cut. No flat tops or buzzes. His regular hair cut could pass. It's just because he is about to leave for COT (bootcamp for officers) in less than a week (wah!), and it is just better to not have hair to worry about while in Alabama and sweating from the physical training. Much cooler, much easier.

He will be growing his hair back out. Not that he looks bad. Just that he has a full head of hair, why not show it off?

Treasure these times: I see Gunnar coming down the stairs, which surprises me b/c he was supposed to be napping. He has his hands out to his side, palms forward, and says in his deep, scruffy Gunnar voice uh! big! mess! Go and clean it mommy. I see lotion all over his hands and shirt. I tell him to show me where the big mess is, not wanting to be surprised later. He leads me to my bathroom where he relieved the lotion bottle in little squirts all over the tub and floor and appliances. If only he weren't so dang cute I would have spanked his little bottom.

After waking up, and calling for me before I had yet gone to bed, I came in. It was dark and I asked him why he was out of bed. He ran back toward his bed but tripped on the pile of shoes he had unloaded from his drawer. He goes ahh, look at this mess. Clean up the big mess. I asked him who made the mess, and he goes in the same gruff voice I did. I made the mess. We'll clean it in the morning you goof. We all know it will be out again when I come get you anyway. Gotta love my cute little man.

Quacks: Our neighborhood claims a trail around a lake. It's really a glorified duck pond. There are duck ponds everywhere here. Driving along, Gunnar exclaims duck pond! for every single one. And you have to acknowledge him and repeat him or else he screams it over and over again. Just like when we go over the Potomac and he screams the beach!, you have to to say "yes Gunnar, a river" with as much gusto as him and only then does he deem it an acceptable response.

With ponds, there are many ducks and geese and little duck crossings. When we first got here and our A/C was not working, we had the windows open. Around 3AM I was awaken to this wah,wah,wah,rwah,rwah,rwahwah,wah,wah, as you could hear them approach the house, walk by the house, and head away from the house. Cutie things, they are.

Best compliment ever: Today during Gunnar's nap, Lily and I were chilling in her room. I was laying on her bed and we were playing eye-spy. I was trying to get her to cuddle with me b/c I really felt like a nap for some reason. So then I said 'how about you give me a foot massage?' She was like ok, and then goes to touch my feet and said hey, I know what you need, let's buy that thing on the commercial that gets rid of all the white stuff on feet. Wha? lol, she must have been referring to the pedi egg or something like that. How did she know my calloused heals were the thing for that? She wouldn't flat out say no she didn't want to massage my feet anymore, she just said 'why don't you just rub my feet?' So I did. Give me a break, I wear a lot of sandals.

Gunnar was picking his nose at the pool. His finger was up so far and he was digging away. I asked what he was going in there and he replied boo-ghers like it was some French delicacy. I asked what the boogers were for and he goes, dinner. You can't make this stuff up!

[Comments] (1) Husbandless: I dropped Aaron off at the airport this morning. We won't even see his face until Aug 1st! He's at the officer version of boot camp. Can't wait to hear about their first day tomorrow to see if there is any in your face spit screaming going on. Hopefully it won't be too physically taxing. I guess it just depends on each year and what commander is there.

The kids are funny. They don't really get it. When we got home and saw Aaron's truck in the driveway Lily goes "daddy's home". Umm, daddy's on an airplane, remember? I told Aaron to take a good look at Gunnar b/c he won't look the same when he gets back.

So I'm a single mommy, but it's all good. On the agenda-trips to the park and pool, and quesadillas, little pizzas, and Mac and Cheese for dinner. I'm not going to knock myself out. I should be just fine. I'll let you know in 2 weeks if it is going as well as I planned. :)

When I grow up: I was reading a Dora book to the kids that talked about different jobs grownups have. At the end of the book it asks 'what do you want to be when you grow up?' Of course Gunnar points to all the pictures throughout the book of Boots in a baseball uniform and soccer uniform. We wanted to be all sports player. Lily said she wanted to be an artist and a doctor. Cuties.

UPDATE: In the car Lily said she can't wait for "you and daddy to get married so I can have a baby sister." I told her daddy and I were already married, and she said she can't wait for Jesus to send me a baby in my tummy so she can hold her baby sister. She also said she wanted to be a Dr. so she can deliver babies.


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