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Waldorf, Naptown, worldwide. What?: We're here. We took our time getting here, four days. It was pretty uneventful, which is good. I didn't want any drama since I drove in the minivan the whole way here by myself with the kids while Aaron drove the truck. I thought early on that we might make a road trip out of it and go to Nashville and see some other sites, but when all was said and done and the movers had taken our stuff, I just wanted to be done with it. Moving is stressful and so not fun. Especially when you clean your place really good and you get to your new place and it is kinda gross. Not that it was filthy, but other people's dirt is not doable for me.

We finally got internet so that's good. The gas company was being a huge pain b/c there was a balance left on the house when the other renters were evicted and didn't pay the bills. They wanted me to come into the office in DC to show our lease and id's. We finally got a minute today to do that. Cold showers are painful, I tell ya. While trying to find the gas company building I asked guys working on the power lines where it was. The man was like girly, you should not be on this side of town. You have the wrong texture skin if you know what I mean. You need to be really careful and hold your stuff close to you because these people will take it if you know what I am saying. Be careful. Don't even come here at night. It didn't seem that scary in the daytime, but it was in a poor neighborhood you could tell. I was the only white person in sight. It's kinda different being the only white people at the play ground or whatever. Lily made her first friend. She's a cutie girl in the neighborhood.

The kids have said some pretty cutie things lately. When we got to our house and Lily tried the door she was like gasp, maybe Barack Obama is in there. She knows very well we are living near DC where the Pres of the USA lives, and she takes it literally. She gets really excited when she sees his picture and told her teachers before we left that she was going to live in DC where BArack Obama lives.

Gunnar was so hilarious when the movers were packing our things. He heard one of the ladies ask me if we wanted to take the pillows with us or if we wanted them to take them. When I told her to pack them, Gunnar shouted No! ah my mommy's pillows. Not yours. He thought they were taking all our stuff away. When I took the kids into the house one last time to say goodbye after it was all empty, Gunnar walked into his room and busted out in tears. He said Where'd my room go? I love my room. I want it. Ah where'd it go? Same with his blankets they packed- but I love my Cars blanket, I want it. Or I need my cars, I love my cars.

I thought I would only give a quick update. There is still a lot to unpack and I thought I would just be quick, so I will have to write more later.

PS The a/c was broken when we got here, and although it is not as hot as texas, quite nice weather actually, it is still too blasted hot for no a/c when you are moving boxes around. I am glad we got that fixed today too.

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