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[Comments] (5) A note on Gunnar's new bed: Since the move, Gunnar has been sleeping in a big boy bed. I thought he might not be into it since before the move he would cry and say it was too scary. He didn't want to sleep in a crib but also wasn't into a bed, so he agreed to sleep on the crib mattress on the floor. It worked well, we'd often find him on the ground when we would check on him but whatev.

We decided not to take the crib with us, so as the old adage goes, out of sight out of mind. He hasn't asked about it at all. He accepted his bed without protest. So that's that. I looked around for cute bedding to go in his room. Here I was on Pottery Barn browsing, not really into spending that much. Then we were at the BX. Gunnar spotted some Cars sheets. So hideous, but he grabbed them and put them in the cart. When I tried to put them back, he screamed no, my Cars sheets, I want em! while clutching them to his chest. How could I say no? It is his room anyway. I couldn't take it if he brought it up in his 30's at a family reunion saying yeah, I remember the time when all I wanted was Cars sheets and you never got them for me. So he won. We bought the eye sores. He is so cute with them too, it was worth it. Plus, the hit on the pocketbook was a fraction of what we would spend on cute sheets. Also, David and Ashley already bought him a large Cars fleece blanket so it's a set. Done deal. Boy is happy so I am happy.


Posted by Ashley at Sun Jun 21 2009 20:36

Oh...Gunnar! I hope you guys are doing well. I need to call soon to say hi to Lily and Gunnar...and you too! I've never really talked to them on the phone before!

Posted by Kristen at Mon Jun 22 2009 08:15

You can talk go them on SKYPE. We downloaded it for free and have talked to Michelle on it. It's video chat, and they loved it.

Posted by Susie at Mon Jun 22 2009 09:46

We use our Gmail for video chat. I like it a lot more than Skype.

Posted by rachel at Tue Jun 23 2009 17:21

its easier because you dont have to open a separate program. I don't know what people ever did before video chat. it makes all the difference especially with kids.

Posted by julie at Tue Jun 23 2009 22:02

what's your skype name, kristen?

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