Sunny 9 for 2009 June 24 (entry 2)

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[No comments] [Trackback URL for this entry] Treasure these times: I see Gunnar coming down the stairs, which surprises me b/c he was supposed to be napping. He has his hands out to his side, palms forward, and says in his deep, scruffy Gunnar voice uh! big! mess! Go and clean it mommy. I see lotion all over his hands and shirt. I tell him to show me where the big mess is, not wanting to be surprised later. He leads me to my bathroom where he relieved the lotion bottle in little squirts all over the tub and floor and appliances. If only he weren't so dang cute I would have spanked his little bottom.

After waking up, and calling for me before I had yet gone to bed, I came in. It was dark and I asked him why he was out of bed. He ran back toward his bed but tripped on the pile of shoes he had unloaded from his drawer. He goes ahh, look at this mess. Clean up the big mess. I asked him who made the mess, and he goes in the same gruff voice I did. I made the mess. We'll clean it in the morning you goof. We all know it will be out again when I come get you anyway. Gotta love my cute little man.

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