Sunny 9 for 2009 July 15 (entry 0)

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[Comments] (2) [Trackback URL for this entry] S'more things: ...I really like about 'my new house'. I love that my master closet is in the bathroom. Seems more appropriate than right off the bedroom. I love the gas stove. So much nicer to have even heat and a flat surface to cook on. The dishwasher is so quiet. It is nice to be able to load it, start it, and then go watch a show rather than load it, watch a show, and start it before I go to bed.

One bad thing though. The washing machine's spin cycle can wake the dead. Now that thing is loud.


Posted by Susie at Thu Jul 16 2009 17:23

I actually hate having our closet in the bathroom. Part of it is because it's behind the door, so it's awkward (especially for people with big tummies). Also, I am paranoid my clothes will mildew.

Posted by John at Sun Jul 19 2009 10:38

We had some people over for a BBQ Friday night and the women were admiring the letters you made for Maggie, which are proudly displayed on her shelf.

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