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An inconvienient truth: "Gunnar, spit out that bead."

sprints away laughing

me not wanting to deal with one more thing thinks, I'll get him when he comes back around.

Gunnar nonchalantly strolls back in the kitchen. "Mommy, I ate the bead all gone."

...great, I'm just to pretend like I didn't hear that. I'm sure it will come out in his poop eventually.

[Comments] (4) cheap thrills: We went on a walk this afternoon to our duck pond to feed the ducks some garlic bread leftover from our dinner with Barrie, Jan, Suzette, and the Whitfields. The ducks were crazy. They were hissing, and have no fear of humans. They were stepping on my toes and gathering all around us despite Gunnar running and throwing the bread at them. Aaron assured me that ducks won't get sick off the butter and garlic salt. They might have some really stinky farts though.

If you want to get a good arm work out, go out and buy this for your toddler. They will use the handle bars like you did when you were 5 and thought that steering a car meant jerking the wheel from side to side. Trying to steady that thing and go straight while Gunnar was yanking it back and forth worked my delts really good. On the other hand, Lily was super cutie on her Dora tricycle. She made sure that when we turned a certain way she used the proper blinker on there.


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