Sunny 9 for 2009 July 19 (entry 1)

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[Comments] (4) [Trackback URL for this entry] cheap thrills: We went on a walk this afternoon to our duck pond to feed the ducks some garlic bread leftover from our dinner with Barrie, Jan, Suzette, and the Whitfields. The ducks were crazy. They were hissing, and have no fear of humans. They were stepping on my toes and gathering all around us despite Gunnar running and throwing the bread at them. Aaron assured me that ducks won't get sick off the butter and garlic salt. They might have some really stinky farts though.

If you want to get a good arm work out, go out and buy this for your toddler. They will use the handle bars like you did when you were 5 and thought that steering a car meant jerking the wheel from side to side. Trying to steady that thing and go straight while Gunnar was yanking it back and forth worked my delts really good. On the other hand, Lily was super cutie on her Dora tricycle. She made sure that when we turned a certain way she used the proper blinker on there.


Posted by Susie at Sun Jul 19 2009 22:57

We went and fed the ducks today too! The ducks were fine, but a few of the geese were hissing at Maggie and freaking us out. Also, she had no fear of throwing bread as hard as she could while standing precariously on a slope next to the filthy water.

Posted by John at Sun Jul 19 2009 22:58

We hosted a little BBQ Friday night and had tons of leftover hot dog and hamburger buns. So today it was off to feed the ducks. I purposely steered clear of the geese, but word got out, and they too surrounded us, hissing. And to make matters worse, Maggie acted like she wanted to jump in the lake to pet the ducks!

I was going to go home and get more, but Susie wouldn't let me leave her alone with the geese, so we'll see if we're brave enough to try again in a few days.

Posted by Jenni at Sun Jul 19 2009 23:59

We have that really is a workout! =)

Posted by Kristen at Tue Jul 21 2009 14:52

They were geese here too. I always say ducks because it is a mixture of both, but the geese were the ones being the crazy ones.

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